So just who the hell is YOUR life coach?

That’s right. Who is your life coach? Got an answer? Well here are three good reasons why you had better have a damn good answer to that question – if you ever expect to be a successful coach. Do what I Do – Don’t Waste Your Time Doing what I only Say If you have ever given council to a client, and have them look back at you – look back at you, past your eyes, down deep into your soul – and ask “is that what you would do?” And then you said “Yes.” But it wasn’t what you were actually doing … [Read more...]

Strike It Rich with Business Leadership Coaching

Business leadership coaching can be a goldmine. But only if you can help the leaders and the followers be both happier and richer in the process. Trick is to use the leverage that the leader has over the entire organization to spread your work throughout the organization. Here is how. Leadership Coaching Is all about Leverage It’s leverage and it’s simple. If you help one person get 20% better, that’s a 20% improvement for one person. But if you do that for the leader, of 9 people, then you … [Read more...]

How Becoming a New Coach Is Like ‘Bearfooting’ in Alaska

The idea of “Bearfooting” around Alaska is really not so different than embarking on the journey as a new coach. In fact, most successful new coaches are probably already bearfooting without knowing it. According to one of Alaska’s travel magazines, Bear Foot, “Bearfooting” is a verb that means having a good time while on the road. It can also mean a state of mind where the journey is more important than the destination. The Snares of Becoming a New Coach One of the biggest pitfalls of new … [Read more...]

Business Coaching Practice: 3-Way Win Triangulation

A powerful business coaching practice is to shoot high for win triangulation in your coaching practice to springboard your practice into the profit stratosphere with partners who grasp the tremendous value and power of creating win-win relationships to spark 3-way wins for the coach, the partner, and the coaching client. The way win triangulation works for you, your partner, and the client is it initiates by your persuasion abilities as an influential business coach. You start by influencing … [Read more...]

Coaching Skills: The Universal Power For All Leaders

The universal power of coaching skills begs the obvious question why don’t more CEOS, managers, professionals, and business owners get certified in potent coaching technologies so they become dynamic leaders instead of weak kneed, wet noodles who mostly ruin people lives’ when they try to lead their apprentices careers, but these unrefined leaders often fail their underlings miserably. It can be a win-win proposition for leaders in all walks of life who make the smart decision to learn … [Read more...]

Winning It All with Group Coaching

To win it all with group coaching, you have to get the best for each of your clients and for you. To do this, you have to do the group stuff in groups, and the individual stuff one-on-one. I am talking about optimizing it for each of your clients and for you, as well. That is: better results for each of the members of the group, at a lower individual cost, with more total dollars in your pocket. Sound good? It is. Read on. Group Coaching Is all about Doing the Best for Each Individual … [Read more...]

A Real Lone Wolf Needs a Real Personal Career Coach

A personal career coach is a mentor, a father confessor and a kick-ass disciplinarian. For a lone wolf, a modern day samara, or a captain of industry, all need the guidance of a trusted, worldly-wise, truly caring coach. And they are willing to pay for it. Career Coaching Is about Insight and It Is about Balance Just as a private chief is someone dedicated exclusively to the nutritional and culinary needs of their client, the personal career coach is a highly competent coach dedicated to the … [Read more...]

Tough Coaching Questions: Can You Coach Happiness?

One of the most controversial coaching questions is whether coaching can help people reach their goals of being happy? A better coaching question is what is happiness and how do you achieve it. According to Stephen P. Robbins PhD’s book, “The Truth about Managing People and Nothing but the Truth,” there is a happiness gene. Robbins goes on to say that 80 percent of people’s differences in happiness are attributable to their genes. Is Happiness Genetically Determined? Some people are just … [Read more...]

How to Land More Clients in Sales Training Coaching

Sales training coaching is all about turning classroom theory into results. That means turning ideas into gold. This is because only in sales does effective action lead so directly to increased revenues. Since generating effective action is what coaching is all about, coaching sales training is a straight path to a gold mine! Moving Training from Theory into Practice Sales training generally consists of learning the company’s unique sales process and a set of customized sales scripts. The … [Read more...]

Three Steps to a Successful Coaching Practice

If you want a successful coaching practice, you can’t start with Step #1. You’ve got to start with Step #0. You have to start with “dedicating yourself, your time and your energy to mastering the art and science of coaching.” You will notice that I didn’t say “getting certified as a coach.” And I didn’t say “feeling the power of the universe move within you, then buying a few hundred cool business cards and having at it.” No! OK? Got it? Yes! Good then, now that we have clarified Step #0, we are … [Read more...]