My Coach Decided Not to Help Me?

Want someone to help build your coaching business? Someone to create a website for you? Someone to create a sales funnel for you? Someone to create a marketing copy for you? Me too... But at times I’ve found my desire for ‘help’ goes too far… the point of wanting someone to come and save me. And I get stuck in the trap of feeling overwhelmed and confused. My typical coaching session would include telling my coach, “I don’t know what to do…” And complaining … [Read more...]

How to Change Mindset in a Coaching Session

Last week I emailed you about why mindset is everything… ...for you as a coach… ...for your clients… ...and for your coaching business. The point was that helping your clients manage their state of mind… 80% of coaching. How is this ‘state of mind’ defined? It’s a “constellation” of: Thoughts… Your thoughts about what is happening at the moment. Beliefs… Your underlying beliefs about what you deem to be true.The operating beliefs that govern your focus … [Read more...]

The Big Time Lie That Crushed my Coaching Business

I blamed my family for why my coaching business wasn’t working. But I was lying to myself… I told myself I didn’t have time for my coaching business because my family needed me… ...when in reality I wasn’t willing to face my fear. Let me explain… As a mom, I’ve always drawn a line in the sand about what I was willing (or not willing) to give up for my coaching business. A few years ago, I needed more time to work on my business and I struggled to decide what I could give up … [Read more...]

Why Mindset is Everything in Coaching

Why is mindset so important in coaching? It’s important in THREE specific ways: FIRST, Mindset is important to your coaching client’s success: You can tell clients what to do as a consultant… ...or help ‘patients’ uncover their past hurts and gain clarity as a psychologist… ...or you can shift your client’s mindset. When you change your client’s mindset deeply enough… change their life. When you change your client’s mindset deeply enough…you change their … [Read more...]

Do your coaching goals sound impossible?

My coaching goals used to hold me back from success. They were perfect. Too perfect? Yes. I was living the coaching dream (inside my own mind)… ...instead of living it in reality. I had created a Perfectionistic Goal: a goal that relies on circumstances to be perfect in order to achieve the goal. What kind of goal should you set instead? Set Inconceivable Goals: Inconceivable goals rely on you growing beyond your own expectations of failure. Inconceivable goals rely … [Read more...]

Processing Emotions in Your Coaching Business

“How do I know if I’m coaching right?” client just asked me, riddled with doubt. Her fears were holding her back. And I realized that fear is inevitable for any coach… ...From novice to master level. What fear is holding you back? Fear of not being a good enough coach?Fear of giving an embarrassing webinar?Fear of clients rejecting you?Fear of investing in your business and having nothing to show for it? Fear protects you from the unknown. If your brain doesn’t … [Read more...]

The Value of Selfishness in Coaching

Has anyone ever told you that you were “high maintenance”? The first time someone told me that, I got defensive. “Not me!” “I don’t get weekly manicures…” “...I barely wear make-up…” “...and I don’t shop at Chanel.” Looking back at that defensive version of myself makes me realize… ...I did everything to prove to the world that I was the opposite of high maintenance. ...I tried soooo hard to be easy-going and low maintenance. But that eventually turned into being … [Read more...]

Changing Your Client’s Reality

Last week I talked about the craziest coaching session ever… ...And my client who was dealing with his Russian mail-order bride who hired a hitman to kill him... ...and how I couldn’t get past my ‘stuff’ about that… ...which taught me that I can’t coach my client if I get caught up in their issues. But what about your client’s ‘stuff’? How do you get YOUR CLIENTS past THEIR story so THEY can transform? How do you get YOUR CLIENTS past THEIR story so THEY can transform?" For … [Read more...]

Connecting Coaching to Your Client’s Dream

Have you ever thought... ”I can totally help this person!” ...and yet they don’t enroll in coaching with you? It used to happen to me all the time… ...until I learned a simple ‘Dream Conversation’. This is the process I promised to share at the end of my last email… ...when I shared the story of my blind coaching client who bought a car… ...not because it was practical… ...but because it fulfilled a dream. The point was that clients don’t buy coaching… ...or … [Read more...]

My Blind Coaching Client Bought a Car?

I was running a discovery session the other day and asked my client this question... “What factors influenced you when you bought your last car?” He told me, “I’m blind.” Embarrassed, I apologized awkwardly... ...until he interrupted me... “But... I have a car.” He went on to describe the leather seats… ...the rims on the wheels… ...the smooth ride. He obviously loved his car. Weird? Yes. He confessed as much… ...that owning a car he couldn’t drive didn’t … [Read more...]