Many coaches have a difficult time getting their life coaching career off the ground because they are not sure where they need to start or what to do. Others are afraid to invest the necessary resources into their life coaching business.

life coaching career
life coaching career

Whether you are a brand new coach or you’re a veteran, these 6 things will help you to get new life coaching business.

Step 1: You must allocate time in your week for getting new leads and cultivating existing leads. Set aside 10 hours a week to dedicate to getting new coaching business. Block out this time and make sure you spend it getting new prospects.

Step 2: If you are not doing free coaching sessions then add them to your sales funnel. Set a goal to do 100 free sessions. These sessions will help you hone your coaching skills and doing free coaching sessions is one of the highest converting activities you can do to get new paying clients.

Step 3: Continually learn new coaching strategies and techniques. There are many online coaching sites you can leverage to accomplish your learning. If you haven’t decided on a coaching niche, do some research and get clear on your target market. Then put into practice what you have learned.

Step 4: To accelerate your progress, immerse yourself in an excellent life coach training program so you can take your skills to the next level. The key is to apply your new skills quickly. You can use your free coaching sessions to apply what you have learned, or trade your coaching services for goods or services you need.

Step 5: Make sure to get training on marketing, sales, and public speaking in addition to coaching training. These skills are key to growing your business. Get great at doing webinars or live seminars or talks to grow your business.

Step 6: Use online marketing strategies to get prospective new clients. It will take a few months to get your online sales funnel setup and converting, but once you do it can be a semi-automatic lead generation and conversion machine.

These 6 steps can get your life coaching career started or catapult your existing coaching business to the next level. Take action now for maximum results.

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