How to Land More Clients in Sales Training Coaching

Sales training coaching is all about turning classroom theory into results. That means turning ideas into gold. This is because only in sales does effective action lead so directly to increased revenues. Since generating effective action is what coaching is all about, coaching sales training is a straight path to a gold mine!

Moving Training from Theory into Practice

Sales training generally consists of learning the company’s unique sales process and a set of customized sales scripts. The sales process consists of a sequence of well planned steps that lead from identifying the target prospect, to closing the sale with them, to getting them buy again and again as a regular customer. Sales scripts are carefully thought out dialogue which is designed to move the interaction from building rapport, to understanding customer needs, to overcoming objections, to closing the sale. The sales training coach can help the sales person master these elements so that they become second nature the sales person and totally natural to the customer. This mastery can make a significant difference in the revenues and profits generated by the sales person.

Making Effective Sales Action Happen

Mastering the sales training materials is only half the battle. Until the sales person goes out and applies them calling on customers, sales don’t happen and revenues don’t come in. This second aspect sales training coaching is absolutely critical. This is because the phenomenon of well trained sales people not going out and actually calling on customers is more the rule than the exception. Whether through accountability or strategy coaching, the coach must eliminate any blocks that exist to the sales person efficiently using their time to visit the maximum number of customers and effectively selling to them once they are there.

Maximizing Your Income from Sales Training Coaching

While effective sales training coaching can lead to greater revenues and profits for the company and large commissions for the sales person, it is not automatically lucrative for the coach. For this, the sales training coach must tie their fee to the increased sales resulting from their coaching. Even a small percentage of this increase can up quickly. And while this concept might seem foreign to the coach it is exactly the way sales management thinks. The biggest benefit, besides increased income for the coach, lies in the coach’s increased care in selecting clients who are truly committed to their own success.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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