Coaching Skills Checklist: A Great Resource For Every Coach

Coaching Skills Checklist: A Great Resource For Every Coach

Do you have a coaching skills checklist that can help you be more effective in your practice? I think most people, especially those on a budget will agree with me that it is always good to have a checklist or what we call “shopping list” prepared prior to visiting the grocery store. The idea of having a guide to help you stay on track and be thorough in your shopping also works the same way in your coaching practice. The Essential Coaching Skills Every Coach Need to Have Regardless of … [Read more...]

Helpful Ways to Adopt The Coaching Mindset That Makes You a Successful Coach

Helpful Ways to Adopt The Coaching Mindset That Makes You a Successful Coach

The Coaching mindset! What exactly does that mean? To be a successful coach, a progressive way of thinking needs to be typically adopted. Having the proper coaching mindset yields positive results for your clients. What is a Coaching Mindset? The coaching mindset has to do with having the right thought pattern, the proper way of thinking to assist your clients effectively. In having the proper mindset, you will be suited to successfully offer your clients directions and guidance that … [Read more...]

How to Start a Life Coaching Session Successfully Using a Basic Structure

How to Start a Life Coaching Session Successfully Using a Basic Structure

I wasn’t sure how to start a life coaching session successfully until I came across the standard structure that is listed below. How you start your coaching sessions makes a significant difference in how the session unfolds. How to Start a Life Coaching Session To assist you in effectively starting a life coaching session, I will encourage you to follow the steps below. 1. Preparation: Getting yourself ready before the start of a life coaching session with your clients is crucially … [Read more...]

Coaching Skills: The Universal Power For All Leaders

The universal power of coaching skills begs the obvious question why don’t more CEOS, managers, professionals, and business owners get certified in potent coaching technologies so they become dynamic leaders instead of weak kneed, wet noodles who mostly ruin people lives’ when they try to lead their apprentices careers, but these unrefined leaders often fail their underlings miserably. It can be a win-win proposition for leaders in all walks of life who make the smart decision to learn … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips & Time Management For Coaching Businesses

Here are two sample videos from the Quickstart Coaching Code video home study course. SAMPLE ONE: Coaching Tips Don't Work - Unless You Have Coaching Skills Coaching tips are a dime a dozen, but learning coaching skills is rare.  No matter what coaching tip or technique you decide to use, your coaching skills will determine how well that technique pays off for you and your client. Coaching Skills: Sample Video Here is a free video sample from the High Caliber Coaching Code Home Study Course … [Read more...]

Becoming a Life Coach: The Facts

I get asked a lot of questions about becoming a Life Coach and I welcome them because there are many misconceptions about the profession and what it’s about. Let me start by saying what it’s not. Life Coaching is not therapy, it is not counseling and it is not consulting although many physiologists, consultants and counselors are becoming trained and using coaching skills and technologies as a compliment to their practice. Here are some things to consider when becoming a Life Coach. What … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach… Or a Better Coach

  How can you become a life coach…or a better coach? One thing you will have to do is to get out of your own comfort zone. Think contrast. If you listen to rock, go to watch an opera. If you love steak and potatoes, go to eat at a restaurant that serves raw vegan food. Does that sound too wild and crazy? Why not study a foreign language, then travel to a country that speaks that language and get to know the locals. Get out there and do something you’ve never done before, without … [Read more...]

5 Fool-Proof Coaching Techniques for a Recession

. What type of coaching techniques can we offer during this recession? Recession? Yes, and it’s overdue. People have been spending too much and saving too little, for too long. As a nation we are up to our chins in debt. We are going to have to learn how to prioritize spending. And this is a great opportunity for coaches to provide value and step up as leaders. Fear and Anxiety are powerful, yet very different emotions. Fear is good for you. Fear saves lives. Fear gets you to run away from … [Read more...]

Career Coach Training…investment strategy for the current economy?

  Could a career coach training be the best use of your investment money? Have you watched the stock market swing several hundred points up or down in a single day? Even the value investors have been blindsided. The equity in our homes is dropping, more and more companies are going out of business, and the commercial real estate industry is looking for bailout money. Not to mention the mess with the auto industry. It really makes me wonder, is there safe place to invest right now?   With … [Read more...]

Becoming a Life Coach… A Story About Winning

  When I think about becoming a life coach, I think about my high school cross country and track coach, David. At that time, I wanted to become a coach like him…although the thought of coaching the regular PE classes and teaching remedial math did not appeal to me. I could tell those aspects of his job probably made him want to pull out his hair, because it was obvious to me that his passion was coaching.   When I wrote about the subject, “What is a Life Coach?, in a previous article, I wrote … [Read more...]