Business Coaching Practice: 3-Way Win Triangulation

A powerful business coaching practice is to shoot high for win triangulation in your coaching practice to springboard your practice into the profit stratosphere with partners who grasp the tremendous value and power of creating win-win relationships to spark 3-way wins for the coach, the partner, and the coaching client. The way win triangulation works for you, your partner, and the client is it initiates by your persuasion abilities as an influential business coach. You start by influencing … [Read more...]

The Essence of a Business Coaching Practice

One goal of a business coaching practice is to make it clear what a coach must practice on a daily basis to create success. Coaching must be broken down to the simplest format of what it takes to build you up personally into a person that understands themselves and their business. This will remove any doubt and erase the question of why you are doing what you are doing. Before long, you will be walking as tall as John Wayne. Traits Displayed In a Business Coaching Practice It all starts with … [Read more...]