Be a Personal Career Coach – but Don’t Screw Up!

Being a personal career coach may seem simple, but the stakes are high. You can help your client determine their true calling, or you can set them up for a life of unhappiness. No pressure there. Here are three straightforward steps that a career coach can follow to keep your client on the right course and keep themselves in business. First, Realize that Your Client’s Career Is Your Client’s Life When we are talking careers, we are talking more than just a series of jobs that take up the span … [Read more...]

A Real Lone Wolf Needs a Real Personal Career Coach

A personal career coach is a mentor, a father confessor and a kick-ass disciplinarian. For a lone wolf, a modern day samara, or a captain of industry, all need the guidance of a trusted, worldly-wise, truly caring coach. And they are willing to pay for it. Career Coaching Is about Insight and It Is about Balance Just as a private chief is someone dedicated exclusively to the nutritional and culinary needs of their client, the personal career coach is a highly competent coach dedicated to the … [Read more...]

Personal Career Coach: Help Your Career Coaching Clients Learn What They Really Want To Do With Their Life

In your career coaching practice as a personal career coach, you must help your clients learn what they want to do with their life. The more time your personal career coach client takes to decide their career goals, the better off you both will be. For you, it will make it faster and easier to reach your client. For them, it will help your career coaching client to take the actions every day that will result in their ideal career. Have Your Personal Career Coach Client Do Some Soul-Searching in … [Read more...]