My Coach Decided Not to Help Me?

Want someone to help build your coaching business? Someone to create a website for you? Someone to create a sales funnel for you? Someone to create a marketing copy for you? Me too... But at times I’ve found my desire for ‘help’ goes too far… the point of wanting someone to come and save me. And I get stuck in the trap of feeling overwhelmed and confused. My typical coaching session would include telling my coach, “I don’t know what to do…” And complaining … [Read more...]

The Big Time Lie That Crushed my Coaching Business

I blamed my family for why my coaching business wasn’t working. But I was lying to myself… I told myself I didn’t have time for my coaching business because my family needed me… ...when in reality I wasn’t willing to face my fear. Let me explain… As a mom, I’ve always drawn a line in the sand about what I was willing (or not willing) to give up for my coaching business. A few years ago, I needed more time to work on my business and I struggled to decide what I could give up … [Read more...]

Do your coaching goals sound impossible?

My coaching goals used to hold me back from success. They were perfect. Too perfect? Yes. I was living the coaching dream (inside my own mind)… ...instead of living it in reality. I had created a Perfectionistic Goal: a goal that relies on circumstances to be perfect in order to achieve the goal. What kind of goal should you set instead? Set Inconceivable Goals: Inconceivable goals rely on you growing beyond your own expectations of failure. Inconceivable goals rely … [Read more...]

Processing Emotions in Your Coaching Business

“How do I know if I’m coaching right?” client just asked me, riddled with doubt. Her fears were holding her back. And I realized that fear is inevitable for any coach… ...From novice to master level. What fear is holding you back? Fear of not being a good enough coach?Fear of giving an embarrassing webinar?Fear of clients rejecting you?Fear of investing in your business and having nothing to show for it? Fear protects you from the unknown. If your brain doesn’t … [Read more...]

Take Control of Your Future & Start a Coaching Business

Take Control of Your Future & Start a Coaching Business

If you are passionate about helping people transform their lives, you can start a coaching business with a small investment and earn a handsome amount of money. The process of starting a coaching business, however, isn't as simple and straightforward as it seems. It requires you to carefully think about a niche, acquire certification, gain a lot of knowledge, develop your skills, identify and target your potential clients, and much more.  Let’s look at how big the coaching industry … [Read more...]

When Your Coaching Clients’ Issues Are Your Own

I wasn’t going to finish this email to you… I was in the middle of writing it… ...when suddenly I thought… "This email sucks.” ”It’s just not compelling enough.” I couldn’t get past my issues about it. What’s ironic? The whole point of this email is… Wherever coaches have a problem... It stops them from helping their clients. Luckily, I talked to my coach about this… ...and he noticed the irony. HE SAID: “You’re not going to help our students get … [Read more...]

How to Customize Your Coaching

Have you ever been upset when you were treated just like everyone else? Someone tried to give you things you didn’t need… ...and only a tiny bit of what you actually wanted? Me too. A one-size-fits-all approach never sat well with me. Why do so many coaches look for cookie cutter methods? Why do they want one approach to work with every client? You need to customize your approach to each client. Every client is unique. Every client is unique." Start customizing your … [Read more...]

16 Rapport Building Tools for Coaches

How do you get a complete stranger to confide in you during a discovery session? One of my first discovery sessions was with an older man in failing health. We didn’t have much in common. But I still managed to create massive rapport with him… ...which was essential to engage him in deep coaching. He shared his dreams and his challenges… ...his deepest fears of inadequacy… ...and by the end of the call, he was sobbing. The rapport we developed was essential for that … [Read more...]

How do I Start a Life Coaching Business With no Coach Training?

How do I Start a Life Coaching Business With no Coach Training?

How do I start a life coaching business without any coach training? Is it even possible? Many will probably say no, a few may say yes. But I would say it is possible. Let us find out how.  Can I Start a Life Coaching Business Without Any Training?  The short answer is Yes! The long answer is; it is possible to be a life coach and own a coaching business because the coaching field is unregulated; there are no federal or state requirements to be credentialed or trained as a … [Read more...]

Your Coaching Business Dreams Are Being Stolen… Here’s How

Have you ever overestimated how much you can accomplish in a day? ...or a weekend? If you’re an overachiever like me... completely over estimate how much you can accomplish. Only half of it gets done.... ...and at the end of the day you’re exhausted and drained. ...and you feel like there is never enough time. I used to resent my family… ...because I was working while they were having fun. (As if I didn’t have a choice.) But then I learned this awesome … [Read more...]