Become a Certified Life Coach – What, Why and How

Before you invest the money, time and effort to become a certified life coach, it makes a lot of sense to understand what that really is, why you would want to be one, and how to go about getting there. That is just what we are going to explore in this blog post. Just What Is a Life Coach? A well trained life coach is like a doctor as they emerge from their internship. They have a broad knowledge which addresses most of the medical needs of their patients. They can help a lot of different … [Read more...]

What Is a Reasonable Training Coach Timeline?

What is a reasonable coach training timeline? That’s easy. Start immediately and continue to learn forever. That might be a bit “macro” for most, so let’s take a closer look. But before we get too far, ask yourself “Why do we say a Medical Practice?” We do it because it is a work in progress. If you are a coach, you have a coaching practice. You are and always will be a work in progress. OK. So now let’s take that closer look. Coaching Training There are two ideas here: first, start … [Read more...]

Accredited Online Coaching Courses

Accredited online coaching courses come from accredited institutions of higher learning, which have been carefully evaluated and proven to be in compliance with standards that have been established by a recognized governing body. For example in the United States, the American Association of Medical Colleges accredits medical schools, the American Bar Association accredits law schools, and organizations like the Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredits many colleges and universities … [Read more...]

What Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach?

The best answer to the question “What degree do you need to become a life coach?” is simple. You don’t need a college degree. You don’t need a coaching certificate. What you need most is a degree in life. The others help. And we will talk about them in this blog. But the simple truth is: if you haven’t really lived, I believe that you can’t make a very good life coach. Look at Doctors to Understand what Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach Doctors take a lot of courses before they can … [Read more...]

Relationship Coaching Certification

Let’s take a serious look at relationship coaching certification – one word at a time. Some certification programs are great, just as some non-certification programs are too. But many relationship coaching certification programs aren’t worth a damn. For now, here are the three components of today’s subject: relationships, coaching and certification. Common Issues in Relationships Let’s start with three different words: communications, sex and money. A pastor named Cole Edwin wrote a … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Small Business Consulting Marketing

Here are three steps to successful small business consulting marketing. You probably won’t be surprised when you read them, but as with so much in life, it is not about knowing it is about doing. So if you are a small business consultant, or if you want to expand your coaching into that market: resolve, read on, and begin this very day to carry out this plan for success. Step One – Be an Expert and Be Able to Prove It! Consultants are not contractors who are hired on a temporary basis to … [Read more...]

Can a Life Coach Course Make You a Life Coach?

There are plenty of life coaching courses out there – googling “life coach course” brought back 162,000,000 results! The question is “Can any of these courses actually equip you to be an effective and successful life coach?” Obviously, with a lot effort, some can but many cannot. Here are some guidelines for selecting life coaching courses. Certification Means Nothing Today, there are no established standards for coaching and coaching courses. So by itself, giving a certification at the … [Read more...]

Be a Psychology Life Coach, but Be VERY Careful

A psychology life coach is like a switch hitter, but does their flexibility translate into a higher batting average? Here are some advantages and disadvantages to following this challenging approach to coaching – or is it a challenging approach to psychotherapy? Hard to say, and that is the root of the problem. Coach Versus Therapist There are two key differences between a psychologist and a coach, and here is a good way to think about them. First a psychologist generally works with people … [Read more...]

Making Money as a Free Personal Coach

Sounds like an oxymoron, but you CAN make money as a free personal coach. Remember the old saying: “You have to give before you can receive?” Well that is what I am talking about. There is no standard coaching product. Clients’ needs, coaches’ capabilities and styles of coaching all vary so much that people cannot be expected to buy your services sight unseen. And since you are going to be giving your services away before you can really start charging for them, here is how to do it … [Read more...]

Save the World with a Leadership Coaching Program

You might not think that a leadership coaching program could do that, but think again. Let’s face it. We are doing a terrible job addressing most of the world’s problems, whether it be environmental, social, medical or economic. And most of our lack of results can be traced back to a shortage of great leadership – leaders with a compelling vision of the future that get people out of their current trance of depression, and get them working for a better future. And that is just where YOU come … [Read more...]