Strike It Rich with Business Leadership Coaching

Business leadership coaching can be a goldmine. But only if you can help the leaders and the followers be both happier and richer in the process. Trick is to use the leverage that the leader has over the entire organization to spread your work throughout the organization. Here is how.

Leadership Coaching Is all about Leverage

It’s leverage and it’s simple. If you help one person get 20% better, that’s a 20% improvement for one person. But if you do that for the leader, of 9 people, then you will be helping 10 people all get better, probably by 20% or more. That’s because leaders impact the whole organization, for better or worse.

This leveraging effect can effect the entire organization, so you need to guide it to assure that the leader’s overall impact is positive.

Business Coaching Has two Sides

Business leadership coaching affects the leader and the team. This is the key to great results and real success. Understand your client, and your client’s business. Now look for the intersection of company and leadership opportunities. Remember, as much as you would like to help your client in general, him them to understand the other interventions

Getting the Most from Business Leadership Coaching

If you really want to get the most from Business Leadership Coaching, tie your compensation to the overall increase in results of the whole organization. Oddly enough this approach is very appealing to executives who earn most of their compensation from performance-based bonuses. Signup for helping to generate a certain increase in revenues, then get your client to agree to a reasonable percentage of that increase that would go to you. And the rest is a combination of your abilities and the efforts of your client’s whole team.

Pretty simple, but also pretty powerful.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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