Three Steps to a Successful Coaching Practice

If you want a successful coaching practice, you can’t start with Step #1. You’ve got to start with Step #0. You have to start with “dedicating yourself, your time and your energy to mastering the art and science of coaching.” You will notice that I didn’t say “getting certified as a coach.” And I didn’t say “feeling the power of the universe move within you, then buying a few hundred cool business cards and having at it.” No! OK? Got it? Yes! Good then, now that we have clarified Step #0, we are … [Read more...]

Three Secrets to Building Your Coaching Practice

Here are three secrets to building your coaching practice. Follow them and you will be running hard to keep up with the demand for your coaching services. Skip even one and you will be just another coach looking for part time jobs to pay the rent. Make Yourself the Expert There are two sides to making yourself the expert. First you have to be the expert. Second you have to demonstrate to lots of people that you are the expert. Coaching is a very broad field. Obviously if you want to be a … [Read more...]

How To Kill Your Coaching Practice With Just 2 Words

When you started your coaching practice, I bet you wanted it to succeed big time, right? How's it doing? Are you drawing the clients you anticipated? Are you bringing in enough income to leave your full time soul-sucking job? No? Well, check your vocabulary. See if you are using “killer” language, in the good sense of the word, or if you are killing your practice by using words that tell your mind you really don't intend to succeed. Trying Doesn't Lead To Success In Your Coaching … [Read more...]

One Skill You Must Have To Build A Coaching Practice

Building a coaching practice requires many skills, but one in particular you really can't do without. That one is the ability to build rapport. Have you ever met someone new and just had the feeling that you were “in sync” with them or “on the same wavelength?” That's rapport and it serves you in several ways in building your practice. Who You Need To Be To Build Your Coaching Practice In order to succeed in the business of coaching, you obviously must have clients. And whether or not you like … [Read more...]

3 Childhood Keys To Making Your Coaching Practice Fun

When you started your coaching practice, what were you expecting? Did you expect it to be easy? Did you expect to quickly have a great income from coaching? Did you think that clients would be falling all over themselves to beat a path to your door? So how's it been going so far? If you are feeling frustrated, try adopting the playful attitude of a child approaching a new and exciting challenge. Try adopting the 3 keys to finding joy in your coaching practice. Are Your Clients Friend Or … [Read more...]

Are You Ready To Start A Life Coaching Practice?

How do you know if you are ready to start a coaching practice? It sounds like a great idea, but the average coach makes about 12K during the first year. Only the top 5% make more than 100K. How can you tell if you are ready to start your own practice? It takes more than great coaching skills. It takes determination at a level that will scare away all but a few. How to Tell If Are Ready To Start a Coaching Practice. 1. Create a long term vision, and align yourself with it. Make decisions from … [Read more...]

Your Coaching Practice: The Power Of Free Sessions

Your coaching practice can't help but grow like Starbucks grew crazy out of control with the power of the free session. If you're not practicing coaching through complementary sessions, you're being stupid and it's because you're afraid you really don't shake-up your clients' lives in powerful ways that'll free them from their 5 by 8 jail cell. If you believed in your own ability to coach you wouldn't allow your most precious source of new clients to rot right on the vine. Complementary … [Read more...]

3 Roles You Must Play To Turn A Coaching Practice Into A Business

Would you be offended if I told you that your coaching practice is just a hobby?  Well, if you are reading this, that might be your situation.  Are you coaching part time without any concrete plan to leave your “real” job?   Undervaluing your services because you really want to help people but you aren’t sure your coaching is good enough to charge them?   Or maybe you’re coaching full time, but barely scraping by financially?   Not exactly what you had in mind when you decided to open a coaching … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business: Self-Discipline is Required to Build the Coaching Practice You Want

The most important single quality to succeed in building a life coaching business or coaching practice is self-discipline.  Self-discipline is having the ability within yourself based on your character, to do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.  This is essential to build a life coaching business or coaching practice. Life Coaching Business:  You Can’t Build a Coaching Practice Without Character Character is the ability to follow through on a resolution … [Read more...]

How To Handle Problems That Inevitably Come Up When Starting Your Coaching Practice Or Life Coaching Business

When you start a life coaching business or any coaching practice, you will have problems from the start. As soon as you commit and start taking action in your life coaching business, it may seem that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You will learn more lessons in the first few weeks and months than you may have thought of in a year of planning a coaching practice from top to bottom. Your Life Coaching Business Will Be A Series of Two Steps Forward And One Step Back When you start … [Read more...]