Changing Your Client’s Reality

Last week I talked about the craziest coaching session ever… ...And my client who was dealing with his Russian mail-order bride who hired a hitman to kill him... ...and how I couldn’t get past my ‘stuff’ about that… ...which taught me that I can’t coach my client if I get caught up in their issues. But what about your client’s ‘stuff’? How do you get YOUR CLIENTS past THEIR story so THEY can transform? How do you get YOUR CLIENTS past THEIR story so THEY can transform?" For … [Read more...]

My Blind Coaching Client Bought a Car?

I was running a discovery session the other day and asked my client this question... “What factors influenced you when you bought your last car?” He told me, “I’m blind.” Embarrassed, I apologized awkwardly... ...until he interrupted me... “But... I have a car.” He went on to describe the leather seats… ...the rims on the wheels… ...the smooth ride. He obviously loved his car. Weird? Yes. He confessed as much… ...that owning a car he couldn’t drive didn’t … [Read more...]

Sell Coaching Without Coercion

What’s the best way to sell coaching with integrity? You have to believe in the product. I used to sell coaching by “paying it forward”. Coaching gave me my own personal breakthroughs… ...and, in turn, I’d tell everyone how great coaching was… ...that coaching could make breakthroughs possible for them as well. But I started to have doubts… ...when my husband and I divorced after 19 years of marriage. I was supposed to be a coach… ...but I couldn’t even save my own … [Read more...]

Coaching Clients Past Objections

I used to be afraid of objections when I first started enrolling coaching clients. I used to think that objections meant the client didn’t want my coaching… ...or couldn’t afford my coaching… ...or didn’t have time. But then I realized that unless you discover a client’s objections (or concerns)... ...they aren’t really enrolled. Think about it. If your new client has concerns about your coaching program… ...and those concerns are never even talked about (much less … [Read more...]

Coach’s Guide to Celebrating Wins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to coach a rockstar client? I worked with a client who was so famous… ...that Harvard University included one of his books in their MBA program. This client made and lost millions over his lifetime… ...and should have been living well by the time we met. Ironically... ...despite all the businesses he had helped to build… ...he was in a slump. So he needed help. From me? What could I possibly offer this … [Read more...]

“My Wife Hired a Hitman to Kill Me”… Craziest Coaching Session Ever

Craziest Coaching Session Ever… It started with Russian mail-order bride and a hitman… Don't dive in the water with your client unless you want to drown. ...but I’ll get to that in a moment. If you want to save someone from drowning, you can't jump into the water with them... ...or you will both go under. It's the same when you're trying to coach someone. If you "jump into the water" with your client... you lose the ability to be objective enough to help them. Yet we … [Read more...]

Coaching Hack to Overcome Resistance

If you can get yourself to do the things you... ...resist ...avoid ...or put off... ...then your coaching business dreams could come true, right? Recently, I bought a book about coaching (off the internet), and I was surprised to discover that it was actually all about Scientology. And I’ve got nothing against any religion, belief system, or lifestyle… But Scientology does have a reputation for being a bit of a cult. And that got me thinking… How do cults get so many … [Read more...]

Six Crucial Tips When Coaching for Success

Six Crucial Tips When Coaching for Success

Starting your coaching business is easy but what are the essential tips when coaching for success? Many budding coaches think that all they need is an idea or product, a name for their coaching business, and a bit of work and the product will sell itself and money will come rolling in. If you have ever run a business, you will know there’s much more to it than that! Important Tips When Coaching… The tips below outline some solid principles that you can begin applying today to become … [Read more...]

Seven Client Retention Strategies That Can Work For Your Coaching Business

Seven Client Retention Strategies That Can Work For Your Coaching Business

What are the best client retention strategies that work for most businesses? In this article, we are going to highlight some of them that have proven effective, and that can work for your coaching practice.   Every successful business requires clients. It is one thing to get the clients, but it is another thing to retain them. Often, we see companies mostly focused on generating leads, getting that sale, that client, but when they ultimately succeed, what happens to the client … [Read more...]

What Are Coaching Tips?

What Are Coaching Tips?

In the video and discussion below I’m going to explain what coaching tips are, along with a few "levels" of coaching tips. There is a lot of dogma in the coaching world around whether or not a coach should "give advice" (or tips) to clients, and I wrote this to clarify some of those issues. What are coaching tips?   Coaching tips are hacks, strategies, or ways to get from A to B. This includes advice, little answers, strategies, or “how-tos” that can support a coach in doing a … [Read more...]