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How to Talk to Clients About Coaching

“If I just put myself out there, I’ll start getting clients.” - me, a decade ago, excited to share coaching with the world. But clients weren’t excited about my coaching. Quickly, I learned the reality: Coaches are excited about coaching. Clients are excited about RESULTS. Clients are excited about RESULTS." I was interested in deep coaching conversations, accountability, limiting beliefs, etc. But nobody responded to me, (and nobody bought coaching). I felt burnt … [Read more...]

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Is coaching a good business?

Last week I shared how “one weak why” isn’t enough to drive your coaching business success… …and that you needed to build a ‘Purpose Parthenon’, so your coaching business can stand up to any challenge. The problem? Most coaches have trouble inventing more than a few ‘whys’. The good news? You don’t have to INVENT your own reasons from scratch… …just STEAL someone else’s. There are 3 main reasons you’d want to have a coaching … [Read more...]

The “Hard to Get” Coach

Many coaches over-coach. It’s understandable. Coaches LOVE Coaching. But OVER-coaching loses you clients. What if, instead, you WITHHELD Coaching? It’s counterintuitive, but withholding coaching… …ATTRACTS MORE CLIENTS. Can you imagine getting more clients (And getting paid more per client)… …because you REFUSED to Coach? It might sound crazy… …like I’m asking you to pull a ‘soup nazi’ on your coaching clients. But withholding coaching is critical if you want a … [Read more...]

Deep Coaching Tutorial

Last week, we talked about ‘going deep’ with your coaching clients. The idea of pushing past the ‘presented problem’ to see something deeper… …something profound, precious, rare .…just like you would dive beneath the surface to see beyond the ‘tip of the iceberg’. HOW do you go deeper with your client? Here’s an example of a coaching model for going deeper. I call it the Iceberg Model: The Iceberg Model encompasses three ‘domains’ of experience. Each domain can … [Read more...]

Generosity in The Coaching Business

Generosity in The Coaching Business

My details on this are a bit foggy, so I hope I do it justice. I remember when the best selling author of The Miracle Morning hit rock-bottom in his coaching business. After graduating from Master Coach University… …Hal Elrod had built a six figure coaching business with tons of clients. But then he lost most of his clients overnight. He found himself sad, disappointed, and down on himself. His daily activity turned into watching TV… …sulking on the couch… …and … [Read more...]

Don’t Blindly Follow Coaches

The other day, a coach asked me if their ‘big coaching business idea’ was worth doing… “...all the experts say it will fail,” they told me. I said “Don’t listen to them.” “Your idea sounds great… go for it.” They said “Great!…I was going to try it anyway, but now I feel better about it.” I laughed, “Then why did you ask me??” The coach said “Because I wanted to make sure it was ok.” And I realized… …they were asking for my permission… …to do what they already knew was … [Read more...]

Coaching Friends Without Losing The Friendship

Have you ever had a friend call you and ask you for help? Coaching help? And as hard as you try… …your coaching doesn’t work? Why didn’t your amazing coaching ‘work’ on your friend? It probably has nothing to do with… Your coaching skillsYour friend being ‘uncoachable’Your friend’s circumstances The reason I can say this with such confidence? The same thing happened to me… …and I’m no slouch with my coaching skills. A friend of mine, Amy, called me 2 weeks … [Read more...]

Coaching to Avoid “NO” in Discovery Sessions?

Coaching to Avoid “NO” in Discovery Sessions?

What’s the most difficult part of enrolling new coaching clients? For most coaches, it’s getting a “No”. “No” means rejection. “No” means no new coaching client. “No” means stagnant coaching income. But sometimes “No” is the best answer for your client. Maybe coaching isn’t right for them… ...now… ...or ever! What if you knew if “no” was the right answer for your client… ...even before they do? Would you feel differently about “no”...? Imagine that you knew it … [Read more...]

How to Turn Complete Strangers Into Coaching Clients

If you want to get coaching clients beyond your friends and family, you’ve got one big problem: Strangers don’t sign up for discovery sessions (i.e. free coaching sessions). So, how do you attract these strangers to you for coaching? And, how do you do it... without coaching them? The key is CONTENT. Content is the only way you can introduce your coaching to strangers… ...without them running away. Whether it’s... SPEAKING contentWEBINAR contentor WRITTEN / VIDEO … [Read more...]

The 2 Coaching Client Blindspots

Last week I wrote about “The Art of War”... ... and how to overcome the enemy inside you. But how do you help your clients overcome THEIR inner enemy? Your coaching clients usually don’t say… ”I’m self sabotaging and it’s preventing me from achieving my goals.” Instead, they’ll come to you with a laundry list of desires… “I want to make more money.” Or “I want to lose weight.” Why is your client hyper focused on their desires… ...and not the deep-seated problem that … [Read more...]