A Real Lone Wolf Needs a Real Personal Career Coach

A personal career coach is a mentor, a father confessor and a kick-ass disciplinarian. For a lone wolf, a modern day samara, or a captain of industry, all need the guidance of a trusted, worldly-wise, truly caring coach. And they are willing to pay for it.

Career Coaching Is about Insight and It Is about Balance

Just as a private chief is someone dedicated exclusively to the nutritional and culinary needs of their client, the personal career coach is a highly competent coach dedicated to the success of their high-strung and highly successful client. Such coaches operate in that rarified space where everyone else around the them is dedicated only to staying on the right side of the velvet rope that separates the “in’s” from the “out’s”.

Winning Their Confidence, and Being Willing to Drink the Hemlock

The personal career coach must be able to put themselves second and their client first, in ways that other coaches may only read about in novels. They must be willing to risk it all by doing the right thing, this time and every time. Oddly enough if they actually do this, they establish such rapport and credibility, that gives them absolute influence and the ability to help their client step out of the quagmire and onto solid ground.

The Personal Career Coach as King Maker

While we absolutely work for the best of our clients, coaches on these strata are able to influence the world beyond their immediate client. As a poor example of this consider Dr. Phil who moved beyond helping only Oprah to helping hundreds of millions of people. So while it is clearly a balancing act that can test your integrity, there can be no doubt that serving their private client can lead to helping others either within their own sphere or those many more who are within the orb of their client’s influence.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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