Jeff has set up an amazing, step by step way to become a successful coach. I’m already getting paid to change lives with my new clients. Even if you don’t think you can do it… If this is what you want, from coaching to marketing to how to enroll clients, this is the way to go.

–Dorine Kramer M.D., PhD, Los Angeles, CA

For over two decades, Jeffrey T. Sooey has served coaches & leaders through unexpected Insights and profound transformation to achieve their destinies. Jeffrey is the Dean of Master Coach University and creator of the University’s core curriculum.

After entering the human performance, training, and development industry at 26 as a ‘results coach’ working under Tony Robbins, his mastery of transformational work propelled him to build JTS Advisors LLC into a six-figure coaching business.

Jeffrey has shared his purposeful and encouraging thought-leadership with distinguished audiences ranging from the International Coach Federation to the Marshall School of Business. His clients and students span the globe, and regard Jeffrey as the nation’s most multilayered and perceptive coach.

As the President of JTS Advisors LLC, he has advised and counseled top executives from General Motors, AT&T, Cisco Systems, and Amtrak as well as business owners, start-up ventures, and sales and customer service teams. His firm partnered to build, organize, support, and execute large coaching collaborations with organizations such as Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning franchise, Eric Lofholm International, Bovo-Tighe Consulting, and Movement Makers International. These partnerships impact thousands of diverse clients, from homemakers to Fortune 500 firms.

Jeffrey playing with the Paul Ingram quintet and Michela Della Pozza playing at the Mogor Badan winery “festival de la vendimia”.

Jeffrey’s ongoing mission is to guide his students and clients to see through the complexity of their barriers; working with them to revolutionize their strategy, achieve goals, and surmount challenges.

His primary role as Dean of Master Coach University is to teach other coaches to get started, get certified, grow their businesses, and master their coaching skills. You’ll find Jeffrey helping coaches to gain the confidence and clarity to transition to a full time coaching business through Master Coach University’s transformational coaching, trainings, and immersion experiences. The frameworks Jeffrey develops support coaches through deeper connection with their purpose and true self.

Early in his life, Jeffrey’s love for the saxophone brought him to New York City.

He played at the famous Blue Note and traveled to Japan as an international Jazz recording artist.

He now resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and daughter.

On the weekends, Jeffrey loves to sail and on many evenings you may find him performing music.

You can connect with him via email @, via phone @ 858-707-5920, or on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn if you’re active on those networks.

A Word From Jeffrey: My Mission & Belief

My mission with Coaches Training Blog and Master Coach University is to help you build your coaching confidence over time, through profound processes that transform your coaching and your coaching business.  

I’m passionate about helping you become a successful and impactful coach…

…but not through some impersonal cookie-cutter approach.

Instead, my ‘Master Coach’ System is an intuitive learning process that allows you to make progress naturally, comfortably…

…and while you honor your authentic self.

But the coaching you learn won’t be at all like other methods.

This approach isn’t about teaching your client some tricks or ‘hacks’…

…it’s about providing your client the change and progress they desire and deserve.

I believe that your client requires profound transformation to improve their life.  

Your client doesn’t step into the new life they desire by default… 

…They must transform into that new life.  

I built Master Coach University for the sole purpose of helping you learn to attract clients and provide them profound transformational coaching, thus changing their lives for the better.

For Four Years I Thought About Starting My Coaching Business, But Never Got Around To It

I was always known as ‘the solution guy’, before I knew that coaching was a ‘thing’.  

I never imagined that I could actually get paid for the kind of support that I gave away for free.

When I discovered that you could actually coach as a profession, I knew that it was ‘for me’.

However, I didn’t do anything about it.  For four years, all I did was think about it.

I would read books about coaching.

I would coach my friends on the side.

I watched my gurus change the world and thought,

I want to learn to coach like these masters. I want to learn all the advanced techniques. I want to be able to change peoples’ lives.”

What stopped me from starting a coaching business when I first got the idea?

Why Didn’t I Get My Coaching Business Started Right Away?

20 years later, I realize that it all boiled down to just a few reasons.

First, I thought, 

“What if I can’t get clients to pay me for coaching?

I was concerned about burning through my time and money and having nothing to show for it.

Next, I worried,

“There’s so much confusing information, where do I start?”

I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing before I started.

I also started to doubt myself.  

I found myself thinking,

“Will I really do the work that’s required to succeed as a coach?”

“Can I even do a great job of coaching?

I also wanted someone who could hold my hand though the entire process, to help me build a profitable coaching practice step by step…

…but I didn’t have that person in my life at the time.

I finally decided, 

“I gotta stop putting this off… and I just need to get started.”

How NOT To Start Your Coaching Business

By the time I got around to starting my coaching business, I wrung my hands in worry.

I was deathly afraid that I wouldn’t be able to cut it because I was so young at the time (I was only 26).

Beyond that, I wasn’t exactly the epitome of success.

I lived in a trailer
My Trailer

At the time I started my coaching business, I lived in a trailer.

Notice that this wasn’t a mobile home, this was the kind of trailer that hooks up to the back of your truck when you go on vacation.

So, here I was, a trailer-dwelling stow away in the hills of Vista, California, trying to figure out how to get started as a coach.

I even had to wire a land-line phone into my trailer so I could make my coaching calls! 

I arranged a makeshift office on my kitchen sink, and I started making calls.  Would you have taken my success advice at that point?

I Was Definitely NOT Successful When I Started my Coaching Business

Luckily, success is not a prerequisite for being a fantastic coach.

If you’re waiting to be successful so you can start, don’t wait like I did.

Your success may be waiting for you in your coaching business…

…if you only get it started!

I Realized I Needed Help, And I Immediately Hired a Top Coach That Was Making Over a Million Dollars a Year to Mentor me in The Coaching Business

I knew I needed help.  It was obvious.  

So I went on a search for the right mentor.

My original coaching mentor.

Finally, I found the man who helped Tony Robbins start his coaching business.  At the time that I hired him, he was making over one million dollars per year as a coach.  

He knew what he was doing.  

I figured that, if he could make a million dollars a year, I could at least learn to make six-figures, right? 

And when he showed me how to do things like:

  • Generate lots of leads
  • Use the internet as a starting point for my business
  • Run a free session that actually turns into a paying coaching client

I realized that I could ‘do this’.

“This is so Simple! This Really Isn’t Hard at All.”

It was a real eureka moment.  

I realized that there were so many proven ways to coach effectively by that time, and there were tons of options I could choose from to attract clients.

In fact, I found that each strategy was usually so simple, that I could learn and understand it in 30 minutes or so.

And that was about 20 years ago when there weren’t so many different ways of automating your business and multiplying your coaching.

The interesting thing is, just four years after I started my coaching business…

I Had a Coaching Business That Was Doing More Than $30,000 Per Month in Revenue

As you might imagine, I’ve kicked myself a few times…


Where would my business be if I had started that coaching business four years earlier, when I first got the idea?

Here’s a little proof that I was able to generate a big income in the coaching business:

My Merchant Account Statement
This is a merchant account statement

A merchant statement showing $23,000 in this particular month (and this is from more than 10 years ago). 

This continues to happen almost every month in my business.

It’s Not Just About Money – It’s About Quality of Life

I did what I could to help the world, and the money came back to me as a result.  

And while you might know people who made amazing money, but sacrificed everything else in order to get it…

…that’s not my story at all.

Not only am I doing what I love, but…

  • I can take time off whenever I need to.
  • I don’t make sales calls.
  • I don’t have to chase anyone… the business comes to me.
  • I coach and run my business from anywhere in the world.

That last bullet has been life changing for me.  

You really can coach from pretty much anywhere. This business has total freedom and flexibility, especially if you build it online.

Let me explain…

Within 6 months of starting my online coaching business, I was celebrating tens of thousands in profits in the Bahamas:

Four months later I spent 27 days exploring Cape Horn and Patagonia, and then worked remotely from Peru for two weeks.

Just one year later, I spent a month in southeast Asia. This time, taking the entire month off (except for a few coaching sessions).

But even better than the travel, the flexibility, and the ease that this business provided…

…I was getting emails and phone calls from people thanking me for changing their lives.

That’s not everybody’s ‘cup of tea’, but, for me… 

It’s the pinnacle of fulfillment.

Then I Built The Master Coach System

I’ve now been coaching for 21 years (spending 20 of those years as the owner of my own coaching business) and helped launch 3 coaching businesses that make over one million dollars per year.

Finally, after having created so much coaching business success for myself and a few close partners, I decided to put everything I’ve learned into a system that other coaches could duplicate…

…and as I began to teach other coaches how to use these secrets to fill their practice with paying clients and change lives.

…these coaches that I mentored started to achieve the same results…

We even got a mention in the New York Times in 2012 when some of our youngest successes were featured there:

I created the Coaches Training Blog community to provide this kind of training and support to you.

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I hope our paths cross again soon. Until then, I remain…

Your friend and coach for life,