Motivational Coach / Self-care Coach / Personal Development Coach / Spiritual Growth Coach / Writer for JTS Advisors

Dana BosleyEarly in life Dana left a promising art career to pursue her passion for helping people. She has lived in 13 countries around the world and has 40 years of experience in humanitarian, social and mission works as well as consulting and mentoring young volunteers and missionaries. Because of this she has a world perspective and a rich wealth of experiences and stories to share which she loves doing.

Having found the value of coaching in her own life, she is now devoting her time and energy to helping others pursue their visions, goals and passions. She founded her own coaching business called Action Vision Coaching and specializes in motivational, self-care, personal development and spiritual growth coaching. She also endorses the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique–sometimes called tapping).

Her bubbly personality, respect for each person’s uniqueness and love for helping others, blended with her passion for art and motivational materials make for a very unique and enjoyable coaching and writing style and experience with her.

She currently lives in Mexico with her husband. When she is not coaching and writing for JTS Advisors and her blog, she enjoys people, art, animals, travel, reading (inspirational and motivational books), movies and philanthropic initiatives.