Coaching Skills: The Universal Power For All Leaders

The universal power of coaching skills begs the obvious question why don’t more CEOS, managers, professionals, and business owners get certified in potent coaching technologies so they become dynamic leaders instead of weak kneed, wet noodles who mostly ruin people lives’ when they try to lead their apprentices careers, but these unrefined leaders often fail their underlings miserably.

It can be a win-win proposition for leaders in all walks of life who make the smart decision to learn coaching technologies because the process of becoming a coach trains CEOs, managers, and business owners to become influential leaders. You can’t be seen as a serious coach. Unless you do something about your own shortcomings such as being coachable, accountable, confident, truthful, and have an indestructible belief in other’s ability to excel beyond their current circumstances.

This is the priceless win for you in becoming a coach and to make it a valuable win-win outcome for you and your coaching clients, you’ll be in the enviable position to offer them the coaching, leadership, and sympathy they need from you that’ll help them breakthrough their own shortcomings.

What’s required to learn coaching skills fast?

If you’re are serious about making a difference in other’s lives where you control their futures, you can read coaching books and practice on your own to acquire the skills or you can start quickly by joining a coaching certification program where you’ll be immersed in applying what you learn about coaching technologies right away.

The key thing to be aware of is you need to practice on someone, and you may not want to use your direct reports as Ginny pigs. In a coaching certification program, you’ll have peer coaching clients you’ll coach on a weekly basis. From this immersion experience, you’ll practice the universal power of coaching on other peer coaches from around the world while dramatically improving your coaching skills.

The value of this immersion experience can’t be matched by simply reading books on coaching technologies because after each coaching session with your peers in the coaching certification program, you’ll give and receive immediate feedback on each other’s coaching effectiveness.

Implementing coaching into your business, practice, or team

As long as you have permission to coach someone, you’ll have the skills to immediately impact their performance in powerful ways and get them past obstacles that prevent them from getting the results they desire.

You’ll have the awareness after becoming a coach to know when you should lead verses coach someone. This means that by learning coaching skills you’ll be in control of your urges to push beyond where a person is capable of going given their current mindset, and you’ll have the skills to help them obliterate their preventing mindset and take on an empowering alternative state of mind that can propel them forward towards their goal.

The people you lead will be happier and more productive, and you and they will be able to race forward in unbelievable ways towards creating your vision, mission, and goals faster than you could ever imagine.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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