NEVER Create Your Group Coaching Program Like THIS [VIDEO]

What’s the one way you should never build your group coaching program? I've talked to a lot of coaches who want to create a group coaching program, but almost all of them make this mistake that you should always avoid if you want your group to succeed. Below (and in the video) we'll cover why most coaches create programs that never get used. Check out the video right here (and you'll see the full transcript and notes below in this article): We’ll also talk about... the ONE … [Read more...]

Make Group Coaching Your Time Adding Results Machine

Group Coaching makes some coaches and clients nervous. I’m not exactly sure what it is about sharing our deepest desires with a group of people that makes us sweat and shake. Do you think it’s simply the fear of judgment? I have to admit stepping out from the sacred space of my one on one sessions and onto that conference line with a group of people awaiting my coaching left me feeling a little queasy at first too. The pleasure quickly took over and the feeling I just jumped off a high cliff … [Read more...]

Winning It All with Group Coaching

To win it all with group coaching, you have to get the best for each of your clients and for you. To do this, you have to do the group stuff in groups, and the individual stuff one-on-one. I am talking about optimizing it for each of your clients and for you, as well. That is: better results for each of the members of the group, at a lower individual cost, with more total dollars in your pocket. Sound good? It is. Read on. Group Coaching Is all about Doing the Best for Each Individual … [Read more...]

Putting the Great into Your Group Coaching

If you think group coaching is all about the economies of coaching six to eight people in a single session, then you are missing the point. Coaching a group is all about the group – that is, the dynamics of the group are what can make this coaching format great. Mix or Match, but Make It Work There are three elements to constructing your group for successful group coaching. First, look for common interests. Second, look for a balance of expertise. Finally, look for a mix of positive … [Read more...]

Building High Performance Teams with Group Coaching

Group coaching can reduce the cost of coaching. It can be less intimidating than one-on-one coaching. And there is the benefit of the “mastermind effect”. But the greatest advantage of coaching groups comes when you are building high performance teams. Launch the Group Using Assessments Using assessments launches your coaching group with a bang. As the coach, you can share insights into the group’s members and their interaction that even longtime team members don’t have. This magic gives you … [Read more...]

Make Sparks Fly for Great Group Coaching

Far more often than not, meetings are a complete waste of time. The leader doesn’t do their homework. Attendees come unprepared. And there are never enough ham-and-swiss-on-rye sandwiches to go around. Unfortunately, your clients enter your group coaching sessions in a meeting state of mind. Don’t Facilitate. Agitate. It is critical from the very first moment to interrupt their “meeting mindset.” You have to startle them into consciousness. And you don’t do that by “facilitating.” So unless … [Read more...]

Three Tips for Efficient and Effective Group Coaching

Group coaching can leverage time and increase income. Sounds great. But, not if you sacrifice the quality of your clients’ coaching experience. Follow these tips and you can get the best of everything. Don’t Let Your Clients Hide in the Crowd Coaching clients are torn. They come to coaching to get personal help and attention. But since this is sometimes painful, they also like to duck when the spotlight comes their way. One approach is to have a systematic way of working with your group. … [Read more...]

Tips for Group Coaching Success

Group coaching is one of the best ways to leverage your coaching time and energy. It's a one to many strategy rather than a one to one strategy, which means that you get paid by many (hopefully) clients for presenting your content and coaching only once. Your Group Coaching Strategy As a group coach, you need to plan your calls in advance. What exactly is the purpose of the calls?. Do you want to provide information and content on all the calls, some of the calls, before the calls? Is there a … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Creating Your Own Group Coaching Program

Have you ever thought about creating a group coaching program, but didn’t know where to start? It’s simpler than you might think, and this post will show you how to get your very own group started. There are just a few steps that are crucial to make sure your coaching program is a success. Group Coaching Made Simple 1. Get a conference line that allows you to record calls, such as Make sure you record and save each call. At the beginning of each call they must press a … [Read more...]

The 3 Most Important Components To Successful Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great way to leverage your time, as well as provide value for clients who can’t afford your usual coaching fees. The value of group sessions goes beyond financial. By participating in a group, your clients can provide inspiration for other in the group and also receive accolades from the other participants. This type of peer group can create real synergy in the lives of your clients, and often long term friendships are formed. If you are serious about starting your own group … [Read more...]