So just who the hell is YOUR life coach?

That’s right. Who is your life coach? Got an answer? Well here are three good reasons why you had better have a damn good answer to that question – if you ever expect to be a successful coach.

Do what I Do – Don’t Waste Your Time Doing what I only Say

If you have ever given council to a client, and have them look back at you – look back at you, past your eyes, down deep into your soul – and ask “is that what you would do?” And then you said “Yes.” But it wasn’t what you were actually doing right now. Then stop reading. Go back to your homepage. And get the hell out of coaching.

OK. The rest of you, read on.

Don’t Face the Huge Responsibility of Being a Coach, Alone

There are a lot of professions that involve huge responsibilities toward their clients: doctors, paramedics, firemen… and coaches. Your clients will open up their hearts to you. They will share their deepest fears, and their highest aspirations. And they will look to you for more than guidance. They will – and should – look to you for nothing less than magic — the magic that can bring them the insights and permanent transformation that they have yearned for all their lives. That is what coaching is all about, and that is a huge responsibility. Don’t face it alone. If you are smart, your life coach will be there with you, validating or correcting your decisions, so that your client will be doubly sure to get the best assistance possible. Setting their fears behind them, and claiming the life that they were meant to have.

Rely on Your Life Coach to Help You Get through the Tough Times

You cannot share your needs as a person or as a coach with just anyone. Only your life coach can fill that role – ethically and functionally. Only another coach – a life coach – can hear what you have to say and give you valid advice, so you are not alone and so your client really gets the help they need. So do the honest and the smart thing. If you do not have a life coach, get one or get out of coaching. Period.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    This is great advice for anyone who is in the network marketing industry. If you plan on building any kind of successful MLM business then you absolutely must have a life coach. Without it you will fail. Period. Network Marketers are coaches whether they realize it or not. The sooner they have someone to hold them accountable the sooner they will have success in that industry. Thanks for the great post.

  2. says

    Hi Dave,

    You are certainly straight to the point with your posts.

    It makes total sense that someone who believes others should have a life coach is a hypocryte if they don’t have one themselves! You are going to shake up a lot of those who think they are coaches, but don’t walk the walk!

  3. says

    If only the internet “gurus” could read this and take notice of it. I get so many approaches telling me how to make thousands of dollars a month without getting out of bed, yet I know they are not doing the same and never have done. They are certainly teaching the “do as I say” mentality. No wonder so many sheep follow them – yes, I have too.

    Relating this to the sports arena, yesterday I watched the end of The Open golf championship which was won by Darren Clarke who won after 20 attempts. He made a very moving speech in which he made specific reference to his “life coach” who, he said, had been with him, supporting him all the time, through bad times and good.

    Every sportsman has a coach, why should business be any different.

  4. Joyce Penner says

    Hey Jeffrey. I like your bluntness. We all need to hear information in as straightforward a manner as possible. Especially if it’s as important as getting yourself a coach before you attempt to coach others. I like your example: If you can’t say a resounding “yes” then you are a hypocrite.

    Good stuff,

  5. says

    No one can do this business alone. Everyone needs a coach–even the coach. I don’t even try to have all the answers, because that leaves prospects with the idea that THEY have to have all the answers in order to coach others. What I do is point them to my coaches, for the answers.

    Willena Flewelling

  6. says

    Hi Dave,

    This is my first time visiting your blog and you have a lot to show us! I’m very impressed with your blog and your products. I agree with this article. Some of the best coaches in the world have life coaches. Your article is direct and to the point. Success may never arrive without networking with others and/or purchasing coaching services. I wonder who the coach of the life coach is? haha

    Raena Lynn

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