How to Survive a Coaching Business Weakness

How to Survive a Coaching Business Weakness

I have a “confession” to make… I didn’t want to write this message to you. I view myself as a speaker… not a writer. So when MY Coach, Jeffrey Sooey, Dean of Master Coach University… …asked me to write this email to you… I said… “I prefer speaking… that’s why I’ve made so many videos for our students.” “So, why don’t I just make another video instead?” “That’s my preference… …not writing an email.” Jeff responded, “I don’t think you have a preference for videos (or … [Read more...]

Business Coaching Definition: What It is & How It Works

Business Coaching Definition: What It is & How It Works

There is no standard definition for business coaching, but the classic business coaching definition is coaching that applies the essential coaching principles to every part of a business. Business coaching follows meticulous and detailed methodology to ensure both facilitative coaching processes and management consulting tools are utilized and put into place in the manner they should be. Business Coaching Definition and Process A business coach is like a mentor that can help business … [Read more...]

Best Selling Author of The Platinum Rule, Tony Alessandra -- Talks About Personality Styles in Business Coaching [SAMPLE ASSESSMENTS INCLUDED]

Best Selling Author of The Platinum Rule, Tony Alessandra — Talks About Personality Styles in Business Coaching [SAMPLE ASSESSMENTS INCLUDED]

In this interview (see the video below) with bestselling author of The Platinum Rule, Tony Alessandra, we discuss personality styles and using psychographic assessments in business coaching.  I met Tony at a recent ICF Conference. Watch this interview if: You are a business coach who would like to attract more business coaching clients…  You’d like to create so much value in so little time with your current business clients that they’ll follow you anywhere…  You want to more deeply … [Read more...]

Business Coaching Models: How to Choose The Best One

Business Coaching Models: How to Choose The Best One

Like there are many counseling models or approaches used by therapists today, so there are also business coaching models for coaches to use to help clients achieve the best results. Define Coaching Model The coaching model is a method by which an individual is moved from their current position to where they desire to be. It is an underlying structure of the knowledge, skills, and tools you use when you coach an individual. Choosing The Ideal Business Coaching Models Because various … [Read more...]

Business Coaching 101: What You Need to Know

Business Coaching 101: What You Need to Know

How often would you have encountered a manager or executive who needed business coaching 101 and the thoughts of someone who is impartial and objective in helping him or her navigate a very delicate situation at work? If you're thinking of venturing into business coaching, perhaps it's time to look at how the business coaching 101 game has evolved over the years and understand the roles a coach plays in business organizations. Business Coaching 101: Models for the Workplace The earliest … [Read more...]

Business and Life Coaching

The Future of Business and Life Coaching in Abuja, Nigeria

Business and Life Coaching are two incredibly rewarding careers for passionate individuals interested in helping others achieve their desired goals. Coaching is a relatively modern field that has been making significant differences in the lives of people for the last four decades. What do coaches do? They are professionals that align (partner) with their clients to help them achieve more remarkable clarity on goals, strategies, plans, and actions. Abuja, Where is it? Abuja is the capital … [Read more...]

Top Executive Coaching Firms: Two Coaching Industry Leaders

How to Network Effectively in Business Coaching

Networking is an important part of business coaching success. You’ve heard the saying “It isn’t just what you know; it’s who you know”, haven’t you? When you network, you are connecting with people in your niche or industry that you can collaborate with or work with in some meaningful way. Networking could lead to profitable projects and lucrative partnerships if you include it as part of your business growth strategy. Here are some essential networking strategies you could use to build … [Read more...]

What is ActionCoach Business Coaching UK?

What is ActionCoach Business Coaching UK? Should you know who they are, what they do, and if they are something that can help you succeed? Who is ActionCoach Business Coaching? Action Coach Business Coaching was one of the first business coaching companies. It is the largest franchise in the business coaching space with franchises all over the globe. ActionCoach was started by Brad Sugars when he was in his early twenties. Brad has always been the go-get-it entrepreneurial type who … [Read more...]

Tomas Svitorka Life Coach, Business Coach, and Success Coach for Entrepreneurs

Life Coaching Business Case Study: Psychology School to Six Figure Success Coach [Tomas Svitorka]

Do you want to turn your experience, training, or college or university degree into a life coaching business?  Have you ever considered that your background could make you the perfect success coach? In the video (and transcription) below is a coaching business case study with Master Coach University graduate Tomas Svitorka.   Tomas is going to show us how his psychology degree became a six-figure coaching & international speaking business… his first year of full time … [Read more...]

The Art of The Prioritization Coach: Business Plan Coaching 202

If you run an organization, consult or coach with organizations, lead an organization, or just want to make sure your organization grows to you have a plan for achieving what you’re after, then this video about business plan coaching is going to be right up your alley. It covers the 3-Step Strategic Planning Process that I use for Organizations, entrepreneurs, and other leaders I coach... In this video (and below), we’re going to cover Step 2, the “prioritize” step in this business plan … [Read more...]