Three Steps to a Successful Coaching Practice

If you want a successful coaching practice, you can’t start with Step #1. You’ve got to start with Step #0. You have to start with “dedicating yourself, your time and your energy to mastering the art and science of coaching.” You will notice that I didn’t say “getting certified as a coach.” And I didn’t say “feeling the power of the universe move within you, then buying a few hundred cool business cards and having at it.” No! OK? Got it? Yes! Good then, now that we have clarified Step #0, we are ready for Step #1.

Identify the Specific Group of People that You Are Best Suited to Serve

A crass marketeer would call this your target market. But for us let’s just call it the convergence of your interest, your experience, your expertise, and their need. Don’t rush into it. Let it steep AND percolate. Take your time. And when the “power of the universe” actually does move within you, well then: that is the group. No. That is YOUR group!

One word of caution: if you want a truly successful coaching practice, the more specific your group, the better. It’s all about focus. If you want to have two groups, that’s OK. But keep them separate and keep the focus – anything else is just a blur.

Connect with Those People – NO! – connect with YOUR People

Open yourself up to the possibilities: speak publicly, create an internet site, write an article and/or write a book. This is a big subject, so get ready to read my next 25 blog posts. The point is GET OUT THERE AND GET CONNECTED!

For a Truly Successful Coaching Practice, Knock Their Socks Off, Ask for Referrals, and Watch the Magic Happen

Even in this cynical age, greater, freer, more open communications means that the better coaches with the more successful practices will rise to the top. So, first do a great job for your people. After that you can help it along by asking them to share their success with their friends and loved ones. Remind them of exactly the people you are looking to serve. And remind them to share their success. It is as simple as that. And before you know it, you will have a very successful coaching practice.

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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