The Day When You Actually Saw Yourself As A New Coach

There is a day when you are a new coach. And there was the day – quite a while before – when you decided to look into being a coach. That was the day when you said to yourself that you already were a coach. Yes, a coach to the new guy at work and to the kids on your son’s peewee soccer team. Hell yes! You already were a coach! And a pretty darn good one. At least none of the kids had quit, and you had a winning season, more or less. Yes, you already were a coach! Soccer – Life – Coaching Is … [Read more...]

For the New Coach, It’s a Matter of Does and Don’ts

That’s right for the new coach, it’s a little scary. Do this. Don’t do that. But that is how to separate the coaches, new or old, from the non-coaches. That’s right: does and don’ts. To be effective, a coach, new or old – I mean new or experienced, must have the judgment to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. Be Your Own Judge – Do You Really Care or Not If you conduct yourself as a physician or a priest used to – untouchable in their integrity – then you will be a great … [Read more...]

How Becoming a New Coach Is Like ‘Bearfooting’ in Alaska

The idea of “Bearfooting” around Alaska is really not so different than embarking on the journey as a new coach. In fact, most successful new coaches are probably already bearfooting without knowing it. According to one of Alaska’s travel magazines, Bear Foot, “Bearfooting” is a verb that means having a good time while on the road. It can also mean a state of mind where the journey is more important than the destination. The Snares of Becoming a New Coach One of the biggest pitfalls of new … [Read more...]

Using Your New Coach Skills On Friends And Family Safely

Why not practice your new coach skills on friends and family? Sure, some people say they know you too well, they’ve changed your diapers, and you’re still just a kid to some of them. I’m not saying coaching everyone in your family would be a fit or that they will pay you; but in some cases you can do a lot of good. New Coach Guidelines For Friends and Family While your mother-in-law might not want your coaching, there will be some people who are at least open to it. When I was a new coach I … [Read more...]

A New Coach Tip: Never Coach Friends and Family

Well of course “never” is a big word. But for the new coach, “never” is a good place to start. As a coach grows in experience and also grows more than a little grey hair, well then it may be a different story. But in the beginning and for now, “never” really is a very good place to start. Friends and Family Knew You “Back When” The fact is – like it or not – your Aunt Josephine DID change your diapers. And your Cousin Fred DID see you cry when your vanilla ice cream fell out of your cone and … [Read more...]

Enough Is Enough, Even for a New Coach

When you are a very new coach, it is easy to forget that new or not, you are still the COACH. And when you are new, it is easy for people to think that they can just dismiss you because you are new or you are young. But don’t let yourself, and certainly don’t let them, forget that you are still the COACH. Remember Your Calling Is not only about You The importance of your Calling is not about the “YOU” part. It is about the “CALLING” part. Sell yourself short. But don’t sell your Calling short. … [Read more...]

Accountability: Transformation for the New Coach

The new coach is often told that accountability is about getting people to do what they know they should do, but that they don’t want to do. Well that is less than half the story. Unexpected insights can cause a client of strategy coaching or assessment to see themselves in a whole new light that brings lasting change – transformation – so to accountability coaching can bring unexpected insights, lasting change and transformation. Acknowledging a higher Standard Is the Doorway to … [Read more...]

Breaking the Sense of Isolation for the New Coach

Coaches are often “solopreneurs” so it is easy for them to feel isolated and alone. This is doubly true for the new coach, since they often face isolation combined with moments of self doubt. Here are three steps to build confidence and create a breakthrough that will pay them dividends throughout their entire career. Staying Connected Is Key to Eliminating Isolation Pretty simple, but as we get busy, it is easy to not take the time needed to stay connected. For this reason the new coach must … [Read more...]

To Specialize or Not: the Dilemma of the New Coach

When you are just starting out as a new coach, it is easy to think that it is best to be open to every possible opportunity no matter what it involves or where it comes from. How can you pass up an opportunity? You are just starting out and, frankly, you could really use the money. So what do you do? Capitalize on Your Experience In a lot of ways your training in coaching, itself, prepares you well for your new career as a coach. But the experiences you have had growing up, or in your earlier … [Read more...]

The New Coach: Coaching Hobby or Profession

For the purposes of this post, the difference between a profession and a hobby for the new coach is whether or not the coach is making a reasonable income for their efforts. If they are not, the coach either needs to make some changes – fast – or they need to accept that they have only found a very interesting hobby. Here are three things to do to move their coaching from a hobby to a profession. First, the New Coach Must See Themself as a Professional Coach Until the new coach actually … [Read more...]