Business Coaching Practice: 3-Way Win Triangulation

A powerful business coaching practice is to shoot high for win triangulation in your coaching practice to springboard your practice into the profit stratosphere with partners who grasp the tremendous value and power of creating win-win relationships to spark 3-way wins for the coach, the partner, and the coaching client.

The way win triangulation works for you, your partner, and the client is it initiates by your persuasion abilities as an influential business coach. You start by influencing your partner that you have valuable  knowledge, resources, or talents in the form of real solutions to your partner’s clients’ needs that without your coaching expertise, the partner wouldn’t be capable of solving their clients need for business coaching, so your partner agrees to  then promote and influence their clients with your business coaching services as a business solution to problems or challenges your partner’s clients want to solve right now.

You win handsomely because you get more business coaching clients at a cheaper cost than paying for expensive advertising, your partner wins because they get commission splits for referring your coaching services that they wouldn’t have unless you share your business coaching value proposition with them and their clients, and the client wins because the partner has enough forethought to present you as a trusted partner to them to help them lower their business risk, reduce costs, and increase sales.

Business Coaching Practice 101

In business coaching 101, you have 7 critical steps you must follow in establishing win triangulation with your partners.

  1. Develop a list of potential partners that you can immediately meet the needs of their clients
  2. Strategize multiple ways you can present a 3-way win triangulation to your partner and their clients
  3. Setup an initial meeting to share how you might help your partner in maximizing their profits and relationships with your 3-way business coaching win triangulation strategies
  4. Agree on what you commit to delivering, what the partner commits to delivering, and the date your action items will be completed to launch the new business coaching practice partner service to their clients
  5. Launch your new partner coaching services jointly by promoting a webinar, conference call, direct mail, or product launch
  6. Layout a clear strategy for following up with leads who express interest in your partner’s new business coaching services
  7. Track your progress so you can report your results regularly to your partner and pay commission splits as agreed with your partner.

Business Coaching Practice 102

Turn your partner tickled pink by doing a bang-up coaching job with their clients. You’ll need to coach the client from the perspective of your partner’s business and you want to stay on top of what your partner’s client need and want at all times and give them what they want in the form of your expert business coaching practices and advice.

Through 3-way win triangulation, you’re promoting your business growth, helping your partner’s business to accelerate, and leveraging your coaching expertise to boost your partner’s clients’ bottom-line.

With three to five solid partnerships using your 3-way triangulation strategies, you’ll be able to grow your business sustainably and profitably without the high marketing costs you’d have to otherwise pay to acquire clients by your own slow, costly and sometimes painful marketing and sales efforts.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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