Colette Coiner has a passion for teaching, and has taught physical therapists at the university level both in the U.S. and Australia. She has also mentored, trained, and developed programs physical therapists in hospitals. Her passion for clinical excellence has inspired many physical therapists to purse advanced degrees and certifications, as well as advance their careers and businesses to the next level.

After becoming a mom in 2001, Colette began looking at alternative careers that would allow her to spend time with her family. She began exploring the bio-psycho-social model of patient care, which led her to work in the coaching field with JTS Advisors. In 2009 Colette was instrumental in shifting the JTS’s primary marketing strategy to utilize internet marketing technology to increase the company’s sales and revenues.

Colette currently practices physical therapy in San Diego, coaches entrepreneurs and teaches weekend seminars. Living with her husband and two children, Colette relaxes by playing her violin in her spare time.