When considering various life coach programs, you should take into consideration not only the cost but the location, the duration, as well as certification. Also make sure the coaching program is a good fit for your personality, skills, goals, and lifestyle. Look for a life coach program with a proven track record of success.

Online life coach programs have the benefit of generally lower costs due to no airfare or hotel costs and lower overhead. They are very convenient and allow you to fit them into the nooks and crannies of your busy lifestyle.

In person live coaching training programs have many benefits too. They require you to be totally present and focused on the training with no outside distractions like telephones and children. Because live events are on a specific date and time, you are more likely to block out the time and attend the training. Another benefit of live training programs is that you get to meet other coaches who can become friends and/or joint venture partners. This benefit can be priceless.

Here are 2 online life coach programs that also include multi-day live coaching training events. These programs are the best way to get your coaching business started and grow it to the next level.

Quickstart Coaching Code 30-Day video home study course

The Quickstart Coaching Code will teach you how to Quickly Start The Coaching Business You Were Meant For And Prove Positive You Can Get Your First Coaching Clients, So You Can Fulfill Your Purpose of Making a Difference in People’s Lives, by Creating an Intimate Connection With Every Client You Work With… in Only 10 Hours Per Week & Very Little Money.

  • Designed for coaches at the start-up level
  • includes 12 Quickstart Coaching Business training videos
  • includes 7 High Caliber Coaching Code coaching skill training videos
  • includes 218 page manual with step-by-step assignments
  • includes one ticket to The Next Master Coach Certification Live Training

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Master Coach DVD Course

The Master Coach DVD Course will teach you How to Start a Passion-Driven ONLINE Coaching Business – Complete With Your Very Own Highly Valued Coaching Programs That Blow Your Clients Away – Whether or Not You’re Sales-Phobic or Starting With Almost no Money.

  • designed for Coaches who want to start up their internet marketing and deepen their coaching skills.
  • includes one ticket to The Next Master Coach Certification Live Training
  • includes 200+ page manual with step-by-step assignments
  • includes 18 total DVDs, along with instant audio and video downloads of the training

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