Wouldn’t it be great if coaching for success was as easy as following a simple first step recipe? You would be able to transform your clients lives, they would give you raving testimonials, and your coaching business would be overflowing. Coaching for success can be simple and fun.

Your challenge as a success coach will be getting your clients to implement the 5 step system. Here are the steps.

Step 1: You client must focus on the right daily activity. Without consistent activity towards their goals, a well thought out strategy is almost worthless. On the contrary, those who take constant action, even without a well thought out plan, often succeed.

Step 2: Coaching for success requires providing motivation to your clients. Having them track their activity is very motivating because it gives them a goal to achieve, a sense of accomplishment when they complete the goal, and a sense of completion.

Step 3: Help your clients identify which activities are key to their success and make sure they accomplish these key tasks before they do busy work tasks like cleaning their office or getting their work environment setup. Coaching for success requires you to hold your clients accountable and not let them prioritize non-productive activities over busy work.

Step 4: When coaching for success, don’t let your clients feelings stop them from doing what they need to be doing to be successful. They may have fears about cold calling, doing a presentation, or networking. As a success coach, you must get your clients to move beyond any limiting beliefs and fears they have.

Step 5: If your clients wing it they will get wing it results. Winging does not provide consistent results and it is not reproducible. When you wing it you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. Your clients may need a strategy or sales scripts so they don’t have to wing it. Strategy coaching is also about helping your client to understand what beliefs or expectations are getting in the way of his success and helping him to overcome those obstacles.

When coaching for success, it is critical to get your clients to take action immediately even if the action is not perfect. Why? Because a goal is most powerful when it is first created and gradually decreases over time. Don’t let your clients find excuses that keep them from getting into the appropriate actions immediately.

It takes hard work to be successful and the odds are actually against most people reaching their goals unless they have a coach to help them be successful. Be the success coach that helps their clients get massive results.

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