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5 Key Components of a Health Coaching Business Plan

Creating a successful health coaching business plan is crucial for anyone looking to start a career in the health coaching industry. A well-crafted business plan can help you define your goals, identify your target audience, and map out the steps necessary to achieve success. Charting Your Course: How to Develop a Health Coaching Business Plan that Delivers Results Here are the 5 key components to include in health coaching business plans: Define your niche To stand out in a … [Read more...]

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Salary for a Life Coach in a Post-Pandemic World

The topic of salary for a life coach in a post-pandemic world is an important and timely one. The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted many aspects of society, including the job market and the way people work. While some industries have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, others have seen an increase in demand for their services. This is particularly true for life coaching, which has seen a surge in popularity in recent years as more and more people seek support and guidance in … [Read more...]

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Life Coach Salary San Francisco: Trends & Averages

If you are a life coach in San Francisco or are planning to be a coach there, you've probably typed these words "life coach salary san francisco" into your Google search box. Are you planning to move to San Francisco and wondering how much a life coach there earns? Or are you just curious about the average salary of a freelance life coach in San Francisco? You're in luck because that's what this article is all about. We'll be looking at a life coach's salary and various other factors that affect … [Read more...]

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Your Coaching Purpose

There’s an inspiring and heroic start to most coaching businesses. But very quickly, coaches get discouraged… …and they stomp on the breaks. Only a few coaches actually ACCELERATE their progress as time goes by. Eckart Tolle, Tony Robbins, or Bryon Katie… …didn’t just casually stumble upon a world-changing impact. They consciously created it, and broke through obstacles again and again. These coaches set themselves apart by their DRIVE. Where does that drive come … [Read more...]

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A Jack of All Trades or a Niche Coaching Business?

So, you're thinking of having a niche coaching business? Or maybe you're about to start your own life coaching business. Either way, you want to make sure you get started in the right direction and not just pluck a random niche from thin air. Let's look at some of the most popular life coaching niches you can venture into: Why do you need a life coaching niche? If you’re still new to the idea of being a life coach or just starting out, you might wonder: Do I really need to have a … [Read more...]

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Life Coach Salary Singapore: Dollars and Trends

Life coach salary Singapore… These words have probably got you thinking about what the average life coach salary in Singapore is. If you’re a life coach planning to tap into the Singaporean market, keep reading for tips on what the industry looks like and what trends are on the horizon. Life Coaching Trends in Singapore The life coaching industry in Singapore is growing fast, with a massive demand for qualified coaches. Many people seek help in achieving their goals and growing their … [Read more...]

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How to Charge For Coaching

A coach recently complained that their potential clients resisted PAYING for coaching… …so she struggled getting them to ‘cross the finish line’, and ENROLL. She said “Giving valuable coaching isn’t my problem… it’s CHARGING for coaching that seems to elude me.” The process of CHARGING for coaching permeates every coaching practice… WHAT to charge? (and what to charge FOR…) How MUCH to charge? HOW to charge? WHEN to charge? UNATTRACTIVE charging practices kill coaching … [Read more...]

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The Nuts & Bolts of a Financial Coaching Business Plan

If you’re a financial coach, a financial coaching business plan helps you create a step-by-step road map that can help your clients achieve their goals. You have probably wondered how to craft the perfect business plan. Well, here is some good news—it doesn't have to be complicated! This article will talk through the nuts and bolts of the essential elements of a business plan for your financial coaching business. What is a Financial Coach?  A financial coach is a professional who … [Read more...]

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Life and Business Coach Yearly Salary: Trends and More

Global life and business coach trends  The number one trend in life and business coaching is the same one that's driving all other industries: Health. People want to be healthy, and they want to improve their lives by learning new skills. The more skills you know, the more opportunities you have, and health is key to those opportunities. Healthy living means eating well and exercising regularly, but it also means having good mental health. Mental health issues are on the rise … [Read more...]

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Coaching The ‘Downward Spiral’

Last week we talked about how language creates all the meaning in your client’s life… …and how those meanings dictate their emotions, actions, and results. If your client wants to change their life… …that change starts with their language. Your client’s language falls across two simple ‘spectrums’: Disempowering / Empowering (Negative / Positive)Fantasy / Reality (Truth / Lie) If your client's language is disempowering, it’ll cause major limitations… …while if your client's … [Read more...]