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My name is Jeffrey Sooey and I’ve been working with a team of coaches for the past 10 years. After cutting my teeth coaching with major gurus (you’d know their names if I mentioned them) at the young age of 26 and starting my own profitable coaching practice in 2001, I decided to share my system for coaching success with a small team of coaches that worked for me. What amazed me was that when these coaches took the same actions that I did, said the same things that I did in coaching sessions, and ran their business the way I showed them, they got paying clients and changed lives the same as me.

I started to help the coaches that I couldn’t reach because they either weren’t on our team, or they couldn’t make it to our more intimate trainings.

There are two ways you can get more help on getting clients and learning masterful coaching skills from


If you want to get over $1000 worth of video training for free, then check out the Coaching Blueprint Video Toolkit. Inside, you’ll learn the specific plans on how I grew my business to over $30,328 per month, as well as other videos on techniques containing some of the higher level principles that will allow you to impact globally as a highly paid coach. You’ll also be notified as I post new editions to our free digital video training library as well as case studies of coaches that are making six figures using our Quickstart Coaching Code system.

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If you’re serious, you can get two different courses that will save you thousands of dollars in business start-up costs and thousands of hours of trial and error:

1. For new coaches, or if you’re still thinking about becoming a coach, check out the Quickstart Coaching Code 30-Day video home study course.

2. If you’re ready to learn advanced coaching techniques and internet marketing to get coaching clients, then check out the Master Coach DVD Course.


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