Becoming An Executive: A Road That’s Potholed And Bumpy

Becoming an executive can be a long road to travel filled with lots of potholes that makes the ride you’ll take to success bumpy and laden with fear, risk, and pressures unimaginable. Without a tight inner game psychology, you may never make it to the top. An executive coach will help ease the pain you’ll need to endure by giving you his expert guidance and coaching to keep you in a top executive inner game success mindset, and he’ll speedup your pace to your goal of becoming a top … [Read more...]

3 Coaching Tips that Guarantee Instant Influence

There are many coaching tips that can be drawn from the science of influence. But while Madison Avenue drinks liberally from the fount of Robert Cialidini – and other scholars of this branch of psychology, few coaches take advantage of this knowledge. Here are three tips that guarantee instant influence and can make a real difference in your clients’ results. Use these Coaching Tips: Develop Commonality to Generate Credibility While our conscious minds focus on differences, our subconscious … [Read more...]

Successful Career Coaching in a No-Jobs World

Career coaching today is helping people make the most of the new world of work, the no-jobs world. Today the idea, that a great career means getting a good job and rising up through the ranks at one corporation, is absolute non-sense. Today, and tomorrow, careers and jobs are not synonymous. And the independent agent is not just king, but may be the last and only one left standing. Life in the Brave New World outside of the Corporate Womb At first glance this might seem like an impossible … [Read more...]

Free Psychology Coaching Training Courtesy Of Def Leppard

I’m sure that the members of Def Leppard would have a laugh if they found out I was writing an article about how one of their songs was the inspiration for free psychology coaching training. Growing up, my sister was the fan. She played all their records and 8-tracks and even went to a few concerts. Recently I came across a post about someone who was trying to figure out what the opening four words of “Rock of Ages” was all about. “Gunter glieben glachen globen.” Growing up in a home where my … [Read more...]

Three Secrets for Successful Depression Coaching

As caring coaches, each of us is called, from time to time, to do depression coaching. And while each of us has been discouraged and even depressed, from time to time, few of us live at the darker side of depression. Far from discouragement, much closer to complete despair, some of our clients have been depressed so long that they have forgotten what it is to feel happy or even to have hope. Yes. Hopeless. Without hope. Nearly empty, but for the pain of despair. For these people, be assured that … [Read more...]

Well for Starters, There Are No Coaching Jobs

That’s right there are no coaching jobs. That is unless you aspire – and by the way this is a noble calling – to be a sports coach at the local high school or community college. That’s right, being a coach is not a job. It’s isn’t even a profession – like being just a doctor. It is a calling. Yes, a Calling, with a capital “C”.  Get used to it, because that’s what it is. A Job or a Profession or a Calling – either way, You Are One That’s right, you are one, or you are not. It’s who you are and … [Read more...]

Coaching Tricks: The Terror Of You Being Looked Down ON

Reverse psychology is one of those powerful coaching tricks you may need to fool your client with like the threat of humiliation who’s stuck in the mud trembling, dragging their feet and wearing out their shoes in utter fear about leap frogging over obstacles In their path to complete a make-over of their life that they tell you is the number one thing they need in their life, but their gas tank is running on watered down petro when it comes to the power to change or get over the nasty hump in … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Scams: Are You Savvy?

Ok, so you’re in the life coaching business because you want to help people. In fact, being a life coach is a bit like being Apple Computer. Just like Macs seem immune to the barrage of viral scams that seem bombard PC’s, it seems as though no one would bother the life coaching business community. Or would they? Life Coaching Business Scam Last December an email was sent out to life coach business owners inviting them to participate in an opportunity to help grow the field of coaching by … [Read more...]

Coaching Performance: Gorilla Time Management By Force

Aggressive gorilla time management coaching performance tactics by force is the only way to whip unaccountable coaching clients into shape by pushing them beyond their lazy resistance levels and into clients who become super powers for action and results, and get the things done that they always resist by kicking and screaming when they need to do the dreaded tasks that they fear. Sometime missing a deadline set by your superiors or your customers when getting timely results isn’t optional no … [Read more...]

Successful Marketing for Coaches in Three Simple Steps

Marketing is always a hot topic. There is always a lot of “buzz” (a marketing term) about what is the latest, the fastest, the best-est in marketing. In all the tumult, it is easy to be overwhelmed and just shutdown, or even worse, to run around in circles throwing money in all directions. Whenever you, as a coach, are tempted to join the marketing mob, STOP! Take a deep breath. And remember that most of marketing for coaches boils down to three relatively simple steps. Follow them and you … [Read more...]