Assessment Coaching: Become Clairvoyant For Your Clients | Image by 123rf

Become Clairvoyant with Assessment Coaching

There is nothing like clairvoyance to impress your mortal clients. Know them better than their closest friends. Reveal their deepest secrets during your first encounter. It’s all possible – well, sort of – once you make assessment coaching a standard part of your new client intake process. If You Are Familiar with Assessments, Skip this Paragraph Assessment coaching involves administering and interpreting standardized psychological instruments which analyze the style, values and skills of … [Read more...]

Where Multi-Tasking Fits Into Business Success Coaching

A lot of business success coaching clients fall into the entrepreneur category. They all have ADD or ADHD; something that they believe keeps them from focusing. They are multi-taskers, and more or less proud of it. They don’t want to let go of this distinction, even though at some level they know it hinders their success. As someone once said, “Multi-tasking lowers your I.Q. as much as smoking marijuana.” How do you get your business success coaching clients to focus on their business and stay … [Read more...]

Real World Leadership Training and Coaching

  Setting a Good Example “Behavior” During your Leadership Training and Coaching Here's a simple leadership training and coaching behavior cycle that will give you a clear picture of good/effective and poor leadership behaviors. Once identified, you will have the tools you need to start setting a good example that reflects solid leadership in your coaching practice. In this training, we'll also focus on the two important foundational traits that will lead to your leadership growth: … [Read more...]

Using Networking to Grow Your Coaching Practice

This is the “Age of Networking.” Whether face to face or via social media, you can connect with more people in a single day, than your grandparents could in a lifetime. This makes networking key to the success of your coaching practice. But you’ve got to do it right. Make the People You Meet Your Coaching Practice’s Unpaid Recruiters The secret is not to try to convince the people that you meet at networking events to use your services directly. They may be put off if you seem too pushy. … [Read more...]

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Building a Coaching Practice Using Public Presentations

Delivering content-rich public presentations is one of the best ways of building a coaching practice. But you have to do it right. Set the Stage for Your “Close” at Your “Opening” Don’t make your presentation a sales pitch, but don’t wait until the end to let your audience know that you have services that you would like them to buy. If you do, it often comes across as deception. Offer a transcript of your presentation. Offer to send them your email newsletter. Offer free individual follow … [Read more...]

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Coaching Mastermind Groups Taps into Universal Power

To understand coaching mastermind groups you must first understand the concept. Napoleon Hill defined a mastermind group as a group of people who come together with the common interest of the betterment of all. He said that when the group comes together to freely share their ideas in a spirit support for mutual benefit, it is as if an additional mind is created, a master mind, which is able to tap into and focus the infinite power of the universe for the betterment of the entire group. Each … [Read more...]

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Marketing for Coaches Is One Audition after Another

Whether on the web, in print or from the stage, marketing for coaches comes down to demonstrating your ability to bring positive transformation to your clients. When you think of it that way, each interaction you have with prospective clients is an audition. Don’t tell me, show me! Your prospective clients are looking for a coach who can deliver results. That means that talking about theories or what you would like to do just won’t cut it. Marketing for coaches must show the results you have … [Read more...]

3 Steps To Succesful To Life Coach Marketing

When you want to build your coaching business, life coach marketing is a necessity. Marketing is the way you educate your potential clients about what you can help them with, what coaching services you offer, any products you offer and who you yourself are. There is a lot of thinking and coordinating necessary to set up a marketing campaign, and here are 3 key steps you will need to go through have a successful outcome. What activities do you feel most comfortable using, or do you think will … [Read more...]

What Is Career Coaching For you? | Image by rudolphmarketing

What Is Career Coaching All About?

If you haven't decided on a niche for your coaching yet, you may be asking “What is career coaching and what particular skills does it require?” Well, there are two different types of coaching that both deal with careers and career changes. Each is quite different from the other, and both provide a valuable service to clients who are looking for a new career or a change in direction in their current career. Career Coaching To Find A New Direction When potential clients ask you “What is career … [Read more...]

Coaching Sales Training On The Conversation You Hate

Have you had any coaching sales training? While some coach training programs include segments on marketing and sales skills, many don't. And they should. Most coaches don't like to think about having to sell their services, but client enrollment is a sales process and requires a sales skill set. Without being able to sell your coaching, you only have a hobby, not a business. So, if that's what you want, great. But if you are hoping or planning to leave your salaried job, you'd better get some … [Read more...]