5 Steps to Building Your Coaching Practice in to a Million Dollar Business

Want to build your coaching practice in to a million dollar business? It is possible if you work hard and have a plan. Of course, not every coaching practice will end up generating a million dollars, but you can create a successful and very prosperous coaching practice if you carefully follow these five steps. A Million Dollars From your Coaching Practice in 5 Steps Before the steps are spelled out, you will notice that the word “easy” was not used as a qualifier. You see the word “easy” … [Read more...]

Goal Setting In Your Coaching Practice

Be S.M.A.R.T when it comes to setting goals in your coaching practice. We all have dreams and goals we would like to accomplish one day. In order for these dreams and goals to become a reality, we must be smart about how we go about producing them. No, I’m not referring to intellect or savviest approach, I’m simply implying to follow the acronym S.M.A.R.T. By using this method your coach will be able to help you to overcome the many challenges and troubles you’ll encounter in making steady … [Read more...]

Using Networking to Grow Your Coaching Practice

This is the “Age of Networking.” Whether face to face or via social media, you can connect with more people in a single day, than your grandparents could in a lifetime. This makes networking key to the success of your coaching practice. But you’ve got to do it right. Make the People You Meet Your Coaching Practice’s Unpaid Recruiters The secret is not to try to convince the people that you meet at networking events to use your services directly. They may be put off if you seem too pushy. … [Read more...]