Where Multi-Tasking Fits Into Business Success Coaching

A lot of business success coaching clients fall into the entrepreneur category. They all have ADD or ADHD; something that they believe keeps them from focusing. They are multi-taskers, and more or less proud of it. They don’t want to let go of this distinction, even though at some level they know it hinders their success. As someone once said, “Multi-tasking lowers your I.Q. as much as smoking marijuana.” How do you get your business success coaching clients to focus on their business and stay on track long enough to reach their next level of success?

Business Success Coaching Tips For Die Hard Multi-Taskers

If the first step to transformation is awareness, you’ll want your coaching clients to realize that no matter how severe their ADD, they can only focus on one thing at a time. That’s right. Multi-tasking is just a series of short bursts of focus. Watch any mom on a school morning. She cooks eggs at the same time she checks on the bread in the toaster and may even get something out of the fridge somewhere in the middle. She sends a child back upstairs to get her shoes and helps another pack his lunch. But is this person really multi-tasking?

How The Pros Multi-Task

Moms with small kids are considered to be multi-tasking pros. How do they do it? They focus on one task, then another, and then another. All in rapid succession without seemingly getting lost or frazzled…ok, well most of the time. Multi-tasking has also been referred to as juggling. Juggling is a great example because success depends on the performer’s ability to focus despite multiple objects flying, and then moving on quickly to focus on the next object.

Whether you are coaching people to juggle balls or juggle the multitude of tasks that fly across your business success coaching clients’ desks, the key is to help them focus on the task at hand and then move on quickly to the next.

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Colette Seymann
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