Life Coach Marketing Plan – Three Online Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Life Coach Marketing Plan – Three Online Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Like any other business, it is vital to have a life coach marketing plan if you are serious about your career as a life coaching professional and determined to become a successful small business owner. I have listed three proven marketing ideas that will help promote your business online.  What is a Marketing Plan? A Marketing Plan is a functioning document that outlines an advertising strategy that an organization will implement to generate leads and reach its target market. A … [Read more...]

Three in Demand Coaching Niches to Choose From

Three in Demand Coaching Niches to Choose From

When you are first starting out as a life coach, it might be a bit overwhelming to figure out what your coaching niches are going to be.   How to Figure Out Your Niche Combining real-world expertise, interpersonal skills such as empathy and coaching skills is what will make you successful in your coaching specialty. When I first started as a life coach, it took me some time to determine what areas I wanted to specialize in. The reason was that I possessed diverse experience and skills … [Read more...]

Current Information on The Size of The Life Coaching Marketing

Current Information on The Size of The Life Coaching Market

In today's world, we are finding that more people are interested in becoming life coaches, but before launching out, they will like to obtain information on the size of the life coaching market. I can't criticize anyone for wanting to know what the current market trends is like for life coaching and what the future looks like. The History of Life Coaching Some believe that life coaching, as an approach, has its roots in ancient Greece and the Socratic method. However, as a profession, it … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches from a Deeper Perspective

Marketing for Coaches from a Deeper Perspective

It takes a marketing mindset to be a successful coach and marketing for coaches is generally categorized into two schools of thought. The first school of thought positions the prospect as someone reluctantly influenced into utilizing a service. This school of thought comes from the paradigm that by marketing, you are proactively influencing someone in their decisions. We call this train of thought the Influencing Paradigm. The second school of thought accepts that prospects are people … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Complaint Marketing

Marketing for coaches, and for everyone else, involves identifying the needs of a group of prospects and then communicating to them that you are the ideal person to help satisfy their needs. Now if your job is to identify customer needs, what could be better and simpler than listening for their complaints? That’s Complaint Marketing. Simple? Yes, but… The secret to Hearing Needs Is Listening for Complaints Listening for complaints, that sounds simple. Sure. But if it is, why do so many of … [Read more...]

Successful Marketing for Coaches in Three Simple Steps

Marketing is always a hot topic. There is always a lot of “buzz” (a marketing term) about what is the latest, the fastest, the best-est in marketing. In all the tumult, it is easy to be overwhelmed and just shutdown, or even worse, to run around in circles throwing money in all directions. Whenever you, as a coach, are tempted to join the marketing mob, STOP! Take a deep breath. And remember that most of marketing for coaches boils down to three relatively simple steps. Follow them and you … [Read more...]

Guidelines on Marketing for Coaches | Image by smitcowebmarketing

Marketing for Coaches Is One Audition after Another

Whether on the web, in print or from the stage, marketing for coaches comes down to demonstrating your ability to bring positive transformation to your clients. When you think of it that way, each interaction you have with prospective clients is an audition. Don’t tell me, show me! Your prospective clients are looking for a coach who can deliver results. That means that talking about theories or what you would like to do just won’t cut it. Marketing for coaches must show the results you have … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Speak Up and Succeed!

When it comes to marketing for coaches it is easy to only think of the internet or networking. But one of the best ways to attract new clients is to get out of the audience and get on the stage. Speaking Proves You Are an Authority One of greatest benefits of public speaking is that people automatically see you as an authority. This means that your audience sets their skepticism aside and what you say goes straight into their subconscious. It also means that when you mention your coaching … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Who’s Got Your Prospect?

Once you have a clear picture of your target client, marketing for coaches dictates that you figure out where those prospective clients are right now. They are someone’s client. They belong to some group. They subscribe to some magazine or journal. Your Prospective Clients Are Not New to the Planet Your target prospects have a lot of things in common. From your picture of them, you can figure out what some of those things are. The trick is to put yourself into your prospects’ shoes. Close your … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Are you being filtered out?

Marketing for coaches must begin with answering this question: “Who exactly is my target client?” The reason is that everything you do to define your service offering, position yourself, and market your practice depends on exactly who you are targeting as your client. It is very tempting to think that the broader the definition of your target, the more clients you will have, but just the opposite is true. Don’t be Filtered Out by Your Target Client Casting a wider net doesn’t bring you a … [Read more...]