Real World Leadership Training and Coaching

  Setting a Good Example “Behavior” During your Leadership Training and Coaching Here's a simple leadership training and coaching behavior cycle that will give you a clear picture of good/effective and poor leadership behaviors. Once identified, you will have the tools you need to start setting a good example that reflects solid leadership in your coaching practice. In this training, we'll also focus on the two important foundational traits that will lead to your leadership growth: … [Read more...]

Leadership Training And Coaching: Can Character Be Developed?

One of the key ingredients to successful leadership training and coaching programs are role models who demonstrate outstanding character.  If people can’t trust you, they won’t follow you.  People of integrity often seem to fall into leadership, but is character something that can be learned through training or coaching?  Or are leaders born, not made? Leadership Training And Coaching Depends On Great Role Models . One way to develop character through leadership training and coaching is to … [Read more...]

Leadership Training And Coaching: Winning Despite The Odds

What is leadership training and coaching all about? Leadership is definitely not for the fragile and faint of heart. It’s actually more akin to a firewalk; a barefoot walk across hot coals that challenges you to face your greatest fears. Let’s face it. When tempers flare, most people either fight or walk away. In both cases, it’s a Lose-Lose. Is there really training that can transform even the worse scenario into a Win-Win? Beyond Life Coaching Have you ever had a leadership training and … [Read more...]

Leadership Training and Coaching: Helping Your Leadership Coaching Client Develop Leadership Qualities

In your leadership coaching practice, how do you know what leadership training and coaching is best for your client?  The obvious answer would be to duplicate the leadership coaching that top leaders have received.  The problem with that is that leadership training and coaching is not the same as other skills.  It is different because your client cannot take a weekend course in leadership, get a certification, and suddenly people follow your client much more than before. Leadership Training and … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching For Dummies: Leadership Training and Coaching

If you think you have to be brilliant to be able to provide executive coaching, think again.  With basic leadership training and coaching, you can understand the psychology behind the game and really be able to transform ordinary leaders into giants.  These leadership training and coaching skills can be used in many contexts; from sales, to executive coaching, to parenting, to management, to high level political debates. Enter into Your Clients World to Make a Measureable Difference Using … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching for CFO’s: Leadership Training and Coaching Tips To Help You Survive Long Enough to Provide Value

can be a great opportunity.  People in upper management need leadership training and coaching as much as anyone else.  The most intimidating client in an executive coaching practice would be the CFO or comptroller.  The most common profile of a CFO lacks the interpersonal skills to relate to coaches and others, and will tend to undervalue people in general.  But with a few leadership training and coaching tips, you will be able to really make an impact in these people’s lives without getting … [Read more...]

Leadership Training and Coaching: How to Become a Coach Who Chooses Your Results

Wherever you are in the process of leadership training and coaching, ask yourself these questions. What types of results could you get if you had complete mastery over your emotions? What would you attempt? Who would you become? What would your life look like? Do you know how to become a coach who chooses your results and helps others do the same? Think back on your career in leadership training and coaching. Have you ever had an “impossible” goal and after an amazing breakthrough you … [Read more...]

Sales Training Coaching – How to Help People Recession-Proof Their Business

  Sales training coaching can help people double their income, even during tough times. Simply put, here are some of the questions that we can help answer: WHY: As coaches we are used to helping people set powerful goals. But what if we get people to change their goal into a problem to solve? The brain is designed to answer questions, and solve problems. Also make sure your client has a powerful WHY, and is very clear on it. They need something to drive them to their goal. Something big and … [Read more...]

5 Fool-Proof Coaching Techniques for a Recession

. What type of coaching techniques can we offer during this recession? Recession? Yes, and it’s overdue. People have been spending too much and saving too little, for too long. As a nation we are up to our chins in debt. We are going to have to learn how to prioritize spending. And this is a great opportunity for coaches to provide value and step up as leaders. Fear and Anxiety are powerful, yet very different emotions. Fear is good for you. Fear saves lives. Fear gets you to run away from … [Read more...]

Coaching Jobs– The oldest occupation?

  When you think of coaching jobs, do you think of the ancient cave dwellers? Why not? From the earliest days the older or more skilled taught the younger how to hunt, cook, paint pictures on cave walls, and any other skills that were needed to train others how to be useful and effective members of their communities. As people became older and more experienced, they rose to positions of leadership. Those who were effective at teaching were held in the highest esteem. And long after these … [Read more...]