What is Assessment Coaching?

Assessment coaching is one of those things coaches think about, but often put off until later. I'm not talking about doing assessments with your clients; I'm talking about having assessments done on you! What is Assessment Coaching? When you assess something, you are evaluating a person, a place, an item, or even a situation. Something is compared against the norm, or against other people, places, items, or situations. Assessments gives you an idea of how you compare, what you need to … [Read more...]

What You Don’t Know About Assessment Coaching That Will Kill You

If you’re not using assessment coaching in your coaching practice, you’re setting yourself up for failure. By the time most coaches truly understand their clients, they have already made at least a dozen mistakes that could have been avoided by using assessment coach tools. Even if you aren’t losing clients because you inadvertently piss them off, you probably aren’t helping them get the results that will step out of important meetings to take your call. The Biggest Assessment Coaching … [Read more...]

Assessment Coaching: Seeing Beyond the Veil

Face it, without assessment coaching, it is a kind of guessing game. Even the best coaches are often engaged in a process of hide and seek with their clients. Whether they are conscious of it or not, clients often hide their true feelings, or the events that form the basis of their behavior. And as a result, coaches are left to “fill in the blanks”. I know It Is Your Dirty Little Secret Yes! It is your dirty little secret. You wish that you had a way to see beyond that veil that even your … [Read more...]

Building Teams with Assessment Coaching

With assessment coaching, building high performance teams is a science. And while great leaders may follow this approach using their intuition, you can follow it with uncanny success using assessments. Assessments are “psychological instruments” – you might call them personality tests – which are validated on huge sample sizes, over many years to give scientifically reliable insights. Here is how it works. Balancing Personality Styles In assessment coaching, we first determine the personality … [Read more...]

Assessment Coaching: Become Clairvoyant For Your Clients | Image by 123rf

Become Clairvoyant with Assessment Coaching

There is nothing like clairvoyance to impress your mortal clients. Know them better than their closest friends. Reveal their deepest secrets during your first encounter. It’s all possible – well, sort of – once you make assessment coaching a standard part of your new client intake process. If You Are Familiar with Assessments, Skip this Paragraph Assessment coaching involves administering and interpreting standardized psychological instruments which analyze the style, values and skills of … [Read more...]