Become Clairvoyant with Assessment Coaching

There is nothing like clairvoyance to impress your mortal clients. Know them better than their closest friends. Reveal their deepest secrets during your first encounter. It’s all possible – well, sort of – once you make assessment coaching a standard part of your new client intake process.

If You Are Familiar with Assessments, Skip this Paragraph

Assessment coaching involves administering and interpreting standardized psychological instruments which analyze the style, values and skills of clients. Some of these assessments are so well grounded and insightful, that they can make you seem almost clairvoyant. And when properly administered and interpreted, they are even accepted by the courts.

Dazzling Individuals, Couples, Parents and Children

Using assessments as part of your new client intake process will give you instant credibility and save you as much as a month in getting to really know and understand your new client to this depth. That’s time better spent helping your client.

Using assessments in your coaching can also greatly increase your effectiveness in coaching complex situations like coaching couples and families. Coaching with assessments can deliver insights that might not be available any other way, and those insights can bring breakthroughs that can save marriages and families.

Develop Business Clients with Assessment Coaching

In business, time really is money. And so is a happy, productive workforce. Businesses are willing to pay serious money for assessment administration and debriefing, because these services can save time, increase productivity and reduce organizational tension.

High paid executives and teams can be coached to work better, but one of the most important uses of assessments comes before a person joins the company. This is because assessments create a style, value and talent profiles that can be matched against the profiles of people who are most successful in a particular professional role. This can really take the guesswork out of hiring, and ultimately reduce turn over and increase bottom line results. Assessment coaching can also significantly increase your bottom line as well!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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