Coaching Sales Training On The Conversation You Hate

Have you had any coaching sales training? While some coach training programs include segments on marketing and sales skills, many don’t. And they should. Most coaches don’t like to think about having to sell their services, but client enrollment is a sales process and requires a sales skill set. Without being able to sell your coaching, you only have a hobby, not a business. So, if that’s what you want, great. But if you are hoping or planning to leave your salaried job, you’d better get some life coach sales training under your belt.

Asking For The Money Is A Challenge

Anytime you have the money conversation with a potential client, you probably feel vulnerable. Chances are, somewhere in your past someone—a parent, a teacher, a sibling—devalued your efforts or your results when you thought you were doing a great job. Probably with the best of intentions, what they did was to make you feel that your best effort really wasn’t worth much. As an adult, you may have generalized that to a subconscious belief that your coaching isn’t really worth much. Consequently, unless your coaching sales training, or some other coaching you get addresses the limiting beliefs that were set up, you won’t be comfortable asking for money in exchange for your coaching.

What Coaching Sales Training Should Include

At a minimum, coaching sales training should give you a script to follow so that you know what you are going to say. In the coaching context, selling is about giving value in the sales conversation, and leading your prospect to a comfortable place of choice. For you, that means asking good questions to find out if your prospect needs the kind of coaching you offer, helping him see when he does need it, and not being attached to his response. You also need tools to find a fee that is comfortable for you. If your fees are too high or too low, you will feel out of integrity, and potential clients won’t be comfortable with you.

These are some basics to consider about your sales training. If your coach training didn’t include any sales skills, make sure you get them somewhere else so you can ask for and get paid what you deserve.

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Dorine G. Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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