Marketing for Coaches Is One Audition after Another

Whether on the web, in print or from the stage, marketing for coaches comes down to demonstrating your ability to bring positive transformation to your clients. When you think of it that way, each interaction you have with prospective clients is an audition.

Don’t tell me, show me!

Your prospective clients are looking for a coach who can deliver results. That means that talking about theories or what you would like to do just won’t cut it. Marketing for coaches must show the results you have already delivered for others. After that, having clients offer testimonials adds credibility to your words.

Don’t Overuse Credentials and Certifications

Modern coaching is not a regulated profession, and up to this point, credentials and certifications have not been well established. That means that an alphabet soup of certifications after your name can raise more doubt than certainty.

Follow these Marketing for Coaches Guidelines

When marketing your coaching use these guidelines:

1. Rely on demonstrations and testimonials for credibility.

2. Use videos that show you actually coaching.

3. Use videos of your clients giving detailed explanations of the impact that your coaching has had on their lives.

4. Use concrete metrics as proof of your results whenever possible. Examples, in business coaching, might be increased sales or reduced turnover.

5. If you are talking “theory,” involve your audience and give them the opportunity to experience your skills, first hand.

With this approach, marketing for coaches can come alive and fill your coaching calendar!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    This article of yours is so true.

    Clients don’t buy coaching (unless it is another coach) they want results/transformation. With tightening pockets this is even more true.

    Clients want to see what we can do fro them not what we do.

  2. says

    Testimonial are strong, but demonstrations can be the clincher. For many people, “seeing is believing” – or those 2 can be combined, in a way, by having a client give a “live testimonial”.

    As an expert in the area of public speaking & seminars, giving a short talk that tells a few client success stories (there’s the testimonials again) is a terrific marketing method for life coaches – seek out opportunities to speak in front of groups, even if you think they’re not “your target market” because a few of them just might actually be an ideal client, or just like you enough to refer people are ARE your idea client.

    Hope that help!

    David Portney

  3. Jeffrey T. Sooey says

    Seeing is definitely believing. I agree that demonstrations are the most powerful strategy if you can pull it off. Some people are led so much by others that the social proof provided by testimonials is the only thing that’ll get them to make a decision. The combination is likely the best way to the most sales.


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