The First Step To Building a Coaching Practice

A lot of coaches never get around to building a coaching practice because they don't feel like they are ready. Others don't know where to begin. Of course, you can begin by coaching your friends and family. But does it really count? Building a coaching practice is much more than coaching. It's proactively meeting people, setting up free coaching sessions, and enrolling them into coaching. The Distinction Between Building a Coaching Practice and Just Coaching When you actively contact people … [Read more...]

Building a Coaching Practice Via Public Presentations | Image by mccanngrp

Building a Coaching Practice Using Public Presentations

Delivering content-rich public presentations is one of the best ways of building a coaching practice. But you have to do it right. Set the Stage for Your “Close” at Your “Opening” Don’t make your presentation a sales pitch, but don’t wait until the end to let your audience know that you have services that you would like them to buy. If you do, it often comes across as deception. Offer a transcript of your presentation. Offer to send them your email newsletter. Offer free individual follow … [Read more...]

Building A Coaching Practice Using Networking

Unfortunately for most life coaches, building a coaching practice requires more than coaching skills. For most of us, our coaching “hat” fits well and easily. But it is very different from our business “hat” which may not fit so well. While the helping and giving side of being a coach is what makes us who we are, it also makes turning our coaching into a successful business something of a challenge. Networking helps coaches to bridge the gap when building a coaching practice. Networking uses … [Read more...]

When Building A Coaching Practice or Life Coaching Business, What You Focus on is What You Get

In your life coaching business, focus is necessary (especially early on) when building a coaching practice.  Focus is required to make money when building a coaching practice.  Here’s an example to illustrate the value of focus in your life coaching business.  You can take a flashlight and point it right at your eyes and it would irritate you a bit.  No big deal.  But if you took the energy of a flashlight and concentrated it into a laser, that laser can cut steel.  Of course, you’d never point … [Read more...]

Building a Coaching Practice Through Public Speaking: Why You Can’t Enroll New Life Coaching Business From the Front of the Room

Building a coaching practice is a lot like buying real estate with no money down.  If it’s wrong, you’ll be disappointed and it will look like it’s impossible.  Most people either fail to get the loan, or they succeed and go bankrupt.  So what can you do about building your life coaching business?  Is building a coaching practice through public speaking a viable option?  Just like most people in our society date before they get married, you need to let people get to know you before you get life … [Read more...]