Maximize Your Growth with a Coaching Mastermind

A coaching mastermind multiples the intelligence and insights of the members of the mastermind group. Napoleon Hill said that an additional mind, a group consciousness, is created which is greater than the sum of the individual minds. As a coach, you are well advised to form a mastermind group of coaches with likeminded values and goals. Craft Your Mastermind Team Carefully When forming a coaching mastermind group, it is critical that you select your members carefully. To propel you on your … [Read more...]

Coaching Mastermind Group: Establishing for the intervention of the infinite power of the universe | Image by advancedmarkettraining

Coaching Mastermind Groups Taps into Universal Power

To understand coaching mastermind groups you must first understand the concept. Napoleon Hill defined a mastermind group as a group of people who come together with the common interest of the betterment of all. He said that when the group comes together to freely share their ideas in a spirit support for mutual benefit, it is as if an additional mind is created, a master mind, which is able to tap into and focus the infinite power of the universe for the betterment of the entire group. Each … [Read more...]

Exposed: 3 Persuasion Principles From A Coaching Mastermind

  Recently, I had the opportunity to experience 3 powerful principles of persuasion at work in a coaching mastermind.  While the details aren’t important in themselves, they can be illustrative.  I believe that perhaps the members of the group were unconsciously in the thrall of the 3 persuasion principles I noticed working that day. Authority is tough to challenge In the context of any group, including a coaching mastermind, the leader, of course, is an authority figure.  Studies have … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Coaching Mastermind Magic Last: Coach Training Reality Check

The biggest trouble with coaching mastermind groups is that they don’t last very long.  Every coach is excited after they go through coach training.  Almost every life coach is raring to go when they first start a coaching mastermind group.  But very few coaches keep the dream of becoming a life coach alive after their first year of coach training or instruction. Coach Training For Sustainability: The Ongoing Syntax for Coaching Mastermind Calls Once you are out of coach training, and you are … [Read more...]

What is a Coaching Mastermind? Beyond Coach Training

Coaching Mastermind The Most Powerful Coach Training For Coaching Business Success A coaching mastermind is a group of coaches that come together for ongoing coach training and the mutual benefit of the coaches.  A coaching mastermind delivers results by discussion and 'putting their minds together', thus the term 'mastermind'.  Real coach training genius can come from more than one coach thinking about how to build their life coaching practices. I Need More Than Coach Training?  Why is This … [Read more...]