3 Steps To Succesful To Life Coach Marketing

When you want to build your coaching business, life coach marketing is a necessity. Marketing is the way you educate your potential clients about what you can help them with, what coaching services you offer, any products you offer and who you yourself are. There is a lot of thinking and coordinating necessary to set up a marketing campaign, and here are 3 key steps you will need to go through have a successful outcome.

What activities do you feel most comfortable using, or do you think will most appeal to your potential clients? Do you want to use social media, blogs, emails, networking? You can use more than one and that may be a good idea so that you reach more people.

The Call To Action

Whatever life coach marketing campaign you develop, each piece must have a specific call to action. You need to let your potential life coaching clients know exactly what you want them to do, otherwise they won’t do it. Make it clear, specific, obvious and easy, otherwise you won’t get the outcome you are looking for.

Measure The Success Of Your Life Coach Marketing Campaign

Make sure you include in your plans, ways to monitor what is working and what isn’t working. You can use split testing, which would be, for instance, sending half your emails with one version of the copy and the other half with a different version. Then you can see which one gives you more of the result you want. Keep track of where your opt-ins are coming from and how successful each piece of your life coaching marketing campaign is.

Whether you are marketing online or offline, you need to be marketing to build your business. These 3 steps will get you well on your way.

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Dorine G. Kramer
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