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The Essentials of Coaching Skills Development

What is coaching skills development and why do coaches need it? Coaching skills refer to the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for effective coaching. The number of skills and techniques a coach can use during a session depends on the client's developmental level. To effectively use coaching skills, coaches need to work on their coaching skills constantly.  What is coaching skills development? Coaching skills development is a form of training that focuses on teaching people … [Read more...]

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The “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System

The road to enrolling a new coaching client is typically HARD. Create content. Post on social media. Go to networking events. Deliver webinars. Make an opt-in page. Create a compelling offer. Make invitations. …and all of that just to get them to a Discovery Session. THEN you still have to give them a GREAT experience in the discovery session. And there’s STILL no guarantee they’ll enroll. When potential clients don’t enroll on the spot… (and that happens a … [Read more...]

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The “Catfish Coach” Mistake

Last week I shared 7 ways to trigger “esteem” from potential clients BEFORE they talk to you. Those “first impressions” can make a difference in your coaching enrollments. But first impressions aren’t enough. Have you ever made a great “first impression” with a potential client... …only to lose them during the discovery session? Perhaps you waited anxiously for your client to call. Finally, they call. The source of your anxiety. Will they approve…? You deliver great … [Read more...]

The Money Objection to Coaching

Have you ever run a free session… ...only to hear at the end… ...that your client can’t afford coaching? And although you know… …that there are plenty of people who CAN afford coaching… …you just don’t seem to know where to find them? In fact, you only seem to talk to everyone who CAN’T afford it? You might think that you keep hearing “the money objection”… …because you’re talking to the wrong people. wrong. There are NO WRONG PEOPLE. In fact, there are … [Read more...]

Choosing a Relationship Coaching Training Program

Choosing a Relationship Coaching Training Program

A quality relationship coaching training program helps you become a great relationship coach. How can you become a relationship coach and how should you choose a relationship coaching training program? In today's post, we are going to answer those questions. What is relationship coaching? Relationship coaching is about helping people connect with each other in a better way and get through difficult times. Relationship coaches assist people in resolving conflicts and guiding couples or … [Read more...]

Establishing the Coaching Agreement in Four Steps

Have you ever noticed that you can talk for an hour with a client… ...and get nowhere? After too many of those sessions, most coaches don’t need to wonder why a client doesn't continue coaching. Is it because… They’re not getting value?They’re frustrated with you (or the coaching process)?They’re just not ‘ready’ for real progress? My coach and I were talking about these ‘coaching horror stories’… Sessions that meandered around complaints… Sessions where our feedback was … [Read more...]

How Coaches Get Past Bad Days

Ever had a ‘Bad Hare Day’? Robert Deyber is an artist who created a series of paintings depicting a rabbit with a very bad attitude. At first glance I didn’t think much of these paintings… ...until I realized that we all have ‘Bad Hare Days’. Dark days when the ‘Bad Hare’ in you wants to... ...tie up Whistler’s Mother… ...deface the Mona Lisa… ...or break a Ming vase. On one of my own Bad Hare Days… ...I called Jeffrey Sooey in tears. I was ready to … [Read more...]

What is Coach Training_

What is Coach Training?

In this video (and below) I’m going to explain what coach training is, along with a few ways that you can start your own coach training today. We’ll also discuss three ways you can start your own coach training today: 00:38 What is Coach Training? 2:32 How You Can Start Your Own Coach Training Right Now 2:32 Using Books 3:07 Watching Videos 3:35 Practicing And Applying The Techniques If you want to skip forward to any of these topics, you can click on the (above) time … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Executive Coach Training Programs

What are the best executive coach training programs? Are you considering the move into executive coaching? If so, you’ll have to find the right executive coach training program for your needs. Use the International Coach Federation The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the most recognized governing body in the coaching industry. They accredit coach training programs around the world. You can search a list of their website to find executive coaching programs. You can be assured … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Beachbody Coach Training Success

Beachbody Coach training can not only provide you with the tools to run your own fitness business, it can also give you a new enthusiasm for life and fitness. Being a Beachbody Coach is a great way to make extra money, start a new career, and immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle. What is Beachbody? Beachbody is now a multinational corporation with numerous products, which uses multi-level marketing, infomercials, and coaches to promote their products. P90X was the first viable product … [Read more...]