Eleven Life Coach Marketing Strategies For Your New Coaching Business

Eleven Life Coach Marketing Strategies For Your New Coaching Business

So, you are now a life coach and you are thinking to yourself, what type of life coach marketing tips can help expand my business? Look no further, in this article is listed some proven strategies for your new business. Who is a Life Coach? A life coach is a professional who works with clients to assist them in achieving their desired goals. The life coach asks powerful questions that will help individuals identify and overcome issues on their own (i.e., giving the power to the … [Read more...]

3 Steps To Succesful To Life Coach Marketing

When you want to build your coaching business, life coach marketing is a necessity. Marketing is the way you educate your potential clients about what you can help them with, what coaching services you offer, any products you offer and who you yourself are. There is a lot of thinking and coordinating necessary to set up a marketing campaign, and here are 3 key steps you will need to go through have a successful outcome. What activities do you feel most comfortable using, or do you think will … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Your Life Coach Marketing Needs Social Media

Life coach marketing is the way you educate your ideal clients and attract them to you. You need a planned campaign, strategic, well designed and carefully executed, to get the best results from your marketing. For most of us, online marketing has become, or will become, a mainstay, no matter what else is included in the campaign. And increasingly, social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are moving from the realm of an individual's personal life and becoming significant in the realm of a … [Read more...]

Life Coach Marketing: How To Blog Without Inspiration

Life coach marketing has to continue whether or not you are feeling inspired, if you want your business to succeed. Do you write and publish a blog as part of your online marketing plan? If you do, you probably know that posting every day is most effective in building your tribe and your presence in the search engines. It's certainly easiest to write articles when you are feeling inspired, but if you are writing 5-7 blogs a week it can be a challenge to find that inspiration. So what can you do … [Read more...]

Life Coach Marketing: What’s In A Name?

When you are developing your life coach marketing plan, one of the most critical elements is choosing a name for your business. For some, their business names seems obvious. For others though, the decision can be extremely challenging. So here is some information on “what's in a name” in terms of marketing your life coaching business. Know Your Life Coach Marketing Niche To Find A Name If you are training as a life coach, or in the early stages of your coaching career, you are probably still … [Read more...]

Life Coach Marketing: Creating Powerful And Enrolling Promotional Materials

Many great coaches get stuck when it comes to life coach marketing. Let’s say you meet someone who wants to help promote your life coach business. Great! Next he or she tells you to just leave some of your marketing materials at the front desk. Then, your heart sinks just a bit because you suddenly realize that you don’t have much in the way of life coach marketing materials. What Your Life Coach Marketing Materials Must Say About You How do you create marketing materials that really let … [Read more...]

A Cautionary Tale From The Swamp Of Life Coach Marketing

A plaque on my brother-in-law’s wall brings to mind my current experience with internet life coach marketing. When you are up to your ass in alligators, it is difficult to remind yourself that your initial objective was to drain the swamp. The process of getting my internet life coach marketing up and running has taken over my life for the last month or so.   I wasn’t quite ready to tackle that particular swamp, but coaching has given me the “be unstoppable” mentality, so the opportunity to … [Read more...]

The Secret To Success In Life Coach Marketing

If you are a life coach, marketing is what will determine whether or not you are a financial success. You may be the most effective coach, the most skilled coach, the most compassionate coach, the most any adjective you like coach. But without effective life coach marketing, you may very well struggle to make a decent living, let alone a great living, by coaching. So what’s the key to marketing effectively? What is marketing about? .Marketing is about conveying information. Life coach … [Read more...]

The Life Coach Marketing Mistakes Most People Make

The key to successful life coach marketing is not technical.  It’s emotional.  It has to do with the currency of providing value in terms of not what you have, but what your potential life coaching client is looking for.  Essentially, marketing is not about what you have to offer as a coach, it’s about your potential client and the result they want to achieve. Most Coaching Web Pages Are a Waste of Money Many coaches don’t feel they can even start coaching until they have a “web presence.”  … [Read more...]

Life Coach Marketing For Internet Dummies

Life Coach Marketing a Waste of Time? . Private Call THURSDAY: "5 Days to Start an Online Coaching Business" (Must be on The PRIVATE ACCESS LIST to Attend) . Get the Flash Player to see this player. CLICK HERE (Right Click, and select ’save link as…’ to download this video “Life Coach marketing online is not for me.”  That’s what I said as early as a year ago when someone told me about Life Coach marketing on the internet. This video will show you differently.  It covers the 5-day … [Read more...]