How to Get Life Coach Clients By Finding Your Niche

You have the experience, the expertise, and the certification; now it’s time to officially declare yourself a LIFE COACH. Once you’ve made that declaration, you’re stuck for what to do next. You’re ready, but one things is missing - CLIENTS! One thought runs through your head - how to get life coach clients! This is like standing on the precipice and wondering about your next giant step. You can call yourself a life coach and you can print up hundreds of business cards that say you’re a life … [Read more...]

The Day When You Actually Saw Yourself As A New Coach

There is a day when you are a new coach. And there was the day – quite a while before – when you decided to look into being a coach. That was the day when you said to yourself that you already were a coach. Yes, a coach to the new guy at work and to the kids on your son’s peewee soccer team. Hell yes! You already were a coach! And a pretty darn good one. At least none of the kids had quit, and you had a winning season, more or less. Yes, you already were a coach! Soccer – Life – Coaching Is … [Read more...]

Discover The Power of a Coaching Training Signature Program

First of all, what is a coaching training signature program? A coaching training signature program is the program, service, package or product that reflects your coaching business and sets you apart from others in the industry. It is something every coach should consider, especially if you don’t have a signature program yet. It’s the next level for your business and can increase your income and influence. A coaching training signature program, product, or service, is an important move for … [Read more...]

A Life Coach For Personal Development Has Its Benefits

Become a life coach for personal development and benefit yourself and your clients. Personal development for the coach is an important part of coaching. Don’t be surprised if you yourself have to go through some personal growth before starting to help others to do the same. Developing Yourself First as A Life Coach For Personal Development A life coach for personal development is on a continuous development and learning journey. Exploring and resolving personal issues is all part of the … [Read more...]

Fun Tips on Starting a Life Coaching Practice

Starting a life coaching practice is a commitment. A commitment that you can enjoy investing in if you follow these fun tips. Fun Tip One: Get a Life Coach for Yourself The first thing you want to do before starting a life coaching practice is, get yourself a life coach. Yes, I understand that if you are thinking of starting a life coach practice, then you are, clearly, a life coach. Ok, THAT IS EXACTLY WHY YOU NEED ONE OF YOUR OWN!!! Do you want people to believe in what you have to … [Read more...]

The Death Of Certified Life Coach Online Training

Halloween is right around the corner and although certified life coach online training may not be dead, some aspects of it are quite ghoulish. How do you shift through the rubble in the midst of the myriad of certified life coach online trainings? You definitely want to do some detective work before you invest your hard earned dollars so you aren't left in the dark all alone at the end of the night. How To Tell If Your Certified Life Coach Online Training Is Real or An Apparition Anyone can … [Read more...]

Keeping Emotional Score Is One of the Best Coaching Tips

It is easy to be buried in an avalanche of coaching tips. But one of the best tips on coaching that you will ever get is to keep tracked of the balance in the “emotional bank account” you have with your client. OK, but what Is an Emotional Bank Account? Glad you asked. Steven Covey invented the term in his landmark book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Basically the idea is that whenever you do something “nice” to someone you make a deposit into this emotional bank account. When … [Read more...]

Client Retention Strategies For Coaches

There are many client retention strategies that can be used to keep your client base loyal and coming back for more. Most people focus the majority of their attention on acquiring clients and building a client base, but they tend to forget about retaining the clients they already have. No, no, NO! Don‘t forget about them!. Even if you are a coaching superstar, a few of your clients may already have one foot out the door. Understanding some basic client retention strategies will help retain those … [Read more...]

For the New Coach, It’s a Matter of Does and Don’ts

That’s right for the new coach, it’s a little scary. Do this. Don’t do that. But that is how to separate the coaches, new or old, from the non-coaches. That’s right: does and don’ts. To be effective, a coach, new or old – I mean new or experienced, must have the judgment to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. Be Your Own Judge – Do You Really Care or Not If you conduct yourself as a physician or a priest used to – untouchable in their integrity – then you will be a great … [Read more...]

How To Find Absolute Certainty In Setting Your Life Coaching Fee

Setting a life coaching fee is one of the biggest dilemmas of a new coach. How do you know if your fees are too high? Or too low? This question is so tough that even some really good coaches fail to get on the courts and start getting paying coaching clients. How do you even begin to set your life coaching fees when you aren’t sure what the market will bear? Jumping Right In If you don’t already have 5 coaching clients per week, the first step is to find people to coach. Coach them for free if … [Read more...]