Small Business Coaching Salary

All businesses have problems where a coach may be necessary to help create turnaround. Small business owners often face these challenges with family members as key employees. Business and personal issues are intertwined in small business coaching; you will work for your business coaching salary. Small business coaching salaries are made by helping the employees work toward a strong self-sustaining company and holding personal relationships and lifestyle in balance. Marketing: Where Big … [Read more...]

Coaching Careers Gone Wild

What coaching careers will spark your flame? What are your choices? These days there are many opportunities for coaches. Why Pick a Niche? Life coaching is quickly becoming recognized and accepted. Every smart business owner knows that picking a target niche group or market is very important. Coaching careers are no exception to this rule. If you want to have a successful go at coaching, in a successful career, you will want to be recognized as an expert in a targeted market. What coaching … [Read more...]

How Do You Become a Life Coach Who Really Knows Your Stuff?

How do you Become a Life Coach who is in “the know” and on top of all the best tools and strategies? You become resourceful! My weekly blogs are a good place to start. Nice to meet you friend, welcome home. Know How to Become a Life Coach That Shares And Shines I created the motto share and shine for all the aspiring coaches I mentor over at the rsvp revolution. I believe the more you share, the more you shine. I know you must know this too and it is why you want to do what you do. Since you … [Read more...]

Become a Coach at a Time When We Need it Most

Become a coach at a time when enhancing personal power is needed most. The job market is tough, our country is in debt and lacking strong leaders. When suicide is at the highest percent ever for the cause of death in the U.S. you know we need you. Why do we Need You to Become a Coach at This Time? Try this Meditation: Think about a piece of music --- some great symphony --- we don’t expect it to get better as it develops or that it's whole purpose is to reach the final crescendo. The joy is … [Read more...]

Things A Personal Executive Coach Might Say And Must Do

Working with a personal executive coach is a sure way to increase productivity, find balance, decrease stress and simply feel happier. Today we explore exactly what this might sound like if you were to witness a personal coach with their executive client. This is What I Need From You Today A personal executive coach must access their inner warrior in sessions with the personal executive coaching client. Executives have got a lot on their plate and they know how to respond to … [Read more...]

How to use Affirmation When Coaching For Leadership

Coaching for Leadership is popular this year. This generation of dreamers are taking action and stepping into their role as a leader. Have you noticed the trend? Is everyone around you starting their own business or getting creative with extra ways to generate income? Coaches are busier than ever with clients seeking coaching for leadership skills. Why Your Clients Need Coaching For Leadership Every leader has to start somewhere. Some are born with natural leadership capabilities, others hire … [Read more...]

Life Coaching For Schools Will Change The World

“Life coaching for schools, that’s it!”. My little brother couldn’t stop screaming it through the phone. He’s 16 and goes to Oxford, a Highschool for the above average boys and girls of Orange County California. My little brother is very intelligent. Is he smart enough to have the key to changing what is possible for the generation after my own? I like to encourage him to think so. He says life coaching for schools, focused on the students, will change the world. Life Coaching For Schools= A … [Read more...]

They Want to Know About The Education Required to Be a Coach

Hey Coach Jey, What is the education required to be a coach and where can I get my certification?" This just came into my email box for the eleventh time in a row today. Ever since I was featured in the New York Times as one of the young successful coaches of our time my inbox has been flooded with this same question. Young men and women all over the world are reaching out to me, wondering how they too can become a life coach. Look Inward Before You Seek Outward I'm always shocked in my … [Read more...]

The Education Needed to be a Coach You Can And Can’t Buy

The education needed to be a coach will most likely change dramatically over the next decade.  Currently there are no regulated requirements for the education needed to be a coach at a professional level. There are many different directions a life coach can go and it would be wise to invest in education that directly increases the expertise of your clients needs. What kind of life coach are you? Are you a coach for big corporations and executives? Are you a coach for people with … [Read more...]

Should I Become a Spiritual Life Coach?

To become a spiritual life coach you must first understand what it means to be spiritual. Do you have a daily spiritual practice that is a part of your life? Does your spirit, and ability to spread spirit, reach into the minds and hearts of everyone you interact with? Are you great at helping others follow their own path? Do you believe in spirituality above all things? What else would it take beyond these natural abilities to become a spiritual life coach? The difference between Spirit and … [Read more...]