Five Steps On How to Obtain a Christian Coaching Certification

What is the difference between a Christian coaching certification and other life coaching certifications? The main difference is that Christian coaching training is based on Biblical principles. Your clients will expect you to help them come up with strategies they can implement based on the Bible. Other coach training centers around the client's goals where as Christian coaching is centered around what God expects of your client in all areas of their life. Christian coach training … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Books

I’m a great advocate for reading books, especially life coaching books. As a coach I find it is important to my business and for my life to stay up to date with the latest books on coaching in a broad range of areas and niches. Benefits of Reading Life Coaching Books The more knowledge you have, or are perceived to have, the more trust and credibility you'll build with your clients and network. Reading books is one of the best and most efficient ways to increase your knowledge. When it … [Read more...]

Strike It Rich Today with This Coaching Strategy

Here is a coaching strategy that you can use, even in these hard times, to strike it rich. Yes, rich. There are three components to this approach: consulting, coaching and value-based equity sharing. So how can these three elements come together to make you rich even today? Partially because these are difficult days. Partially because these days have gone on as long as they already have. Now This Approach Is a little Different. Before we get too far into this, let’s define a few terms so we … [Read more...]

How To Speak With Confidence Using Higher Standards

Knowing how to speak with confidence may not be a naturally mastered technique in your coaching practice. Your clients often look to you for clarity and inspiration and it is important that you know how to speak with confidence so you can lead your clients to take action. Your clients look to you for empowerment. If you do not know how to speak with confidence in every interaction with your clients or perspective clients you leave room for doubt. How can you insure to use language and speak in a … [Read more...]

Caution: Death to Personal Success Coaching Businesses

“What do you mean, death to personal success coaching businesses?” You might be thinking, “Aren’t they supposed to be ‘success’ coaches and know how to succeed?” Yes, of course they are the experts in success, but if they and the slew of other coaches don’t catch the drift that the one-on-one session doesn’t work to bring in the big money, and see that the “times are a changing” then death to their businesses is on the horizon, and possibly sooner than later. Benefits of Group Personal Success … [Read more...]

Career Coach Conference: Benefits And Where to Find Them

If you are looking for a career coach conference I hope the following information is helpful to you, as well as other coaches looking for a conference. Benefits of Career Coaching Conferencing It’s a great place to network and to meet peers, contacts, and overall just to have a great time. Increases your knowledge base giving you new coach tools and techniques you can incorporate into your practice. It energizes you as you interact with coaches from all over the country or world … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Income – How Much Can You Really Make?

You might be wondering how much life coaches make and what type of life coaching income you can earn. Well, I have two words for you: IT DEPENDS! Coaches can make a very good living; five figures up to high six-figures per year! According to, 10 to 20 percent of life coaches make six-figure incomes. However, there is no way you can expect to make that much life coaching income when first starting out in the business. It takes a healthy dose of time and plenty of blood, … [Read more...]

Three Secrets of Small Business Consulting Marketing

Now I don’t actually know that these are real “secrets” but when you look around at some of the dumb things that people call small business consulting marketing, you have to think that they are genuine secrets. What makes this whole thing more of a mystery is knowing that these apply to marketing for any kind of consultant, big or small, business or otherwise. First, Don’t Expect to Get the Role without a Great Audition If you have any right to call yourself a consultant, then you sure as hell … [Read more...]

How To Be The Personal Coach Who Attracts Clients Like a Rock Star

What do you have to do to become the personal coach who starts attracting clients instead of chasing them? Do you want to have a following like a guru? What about a rock star? You don’t have to be rich and famous before you can call yourself a successful coach. Here are 2 things you can do right now. Be The Coach Who Shows Up And Gives It Your Best People notice how you show up. Most people are flakey and committed to their own comfort. How many people dream of realizing their goals only so … [Read more...]

Be a Personal Career Coach – but Don’t Screw Up!

Being a personal career coach may seem simple, but the stakes are high. You can help your client determine their true calling, or you can set them up for a life of unhappiness. No pressure there. Here are three straightforward steps that a career coach can follow to keep your client on the right course and keep themselves in business. First, Realize that Your Client’s Career Is Your Client’s Life When we are talking careers, we are talking more than just a series of jobs that take up the span … [Read more...]