The Death Of Certified Life Coach Online Training

Halloween is right around the corner and although certified life coach online training may not be dead, some aspects of it are quite ghoulish. How do you shift through the rubble in the midst of the myriad of certified life coach online trainings? You definitely want to do some detective work before you invest your hard earned dollars so you aren’t left in the dark all alone at the end of the night.

How To Tell If Your Certified Life Coach Online Training Is Real or An Apparition

Anyone can create a certified life coach online training; complete with their own certification. Certifications are a bit like ghosts, most people don’t believe in them. That includes would be clients. I can count the number of clients who have asked me about my coaching certifications on one hand. The actual certifications mean nothing to them. People want to know if you have the solution to their problem. Period. It’s crucial that you find out if your certified online coach training will transform you into a coach who can deliver results. If not, neither of you will survive.

Why Are Online Life Coaching Training Programs Dying?

A lot of certified life coach online training companies are struggling to survive these days. Perhaps it’s in part due to the economy and people are less spending than before. But I really believe that it’s also that people are demanding more than ever for their money. They want results, delivered in a way that they can consume comfortably. Erroneously there are coaching companies out there who try to deliver that. For people to truly transform into world class coaches, however, it means stepping outside their comfort zones and becoming someone who can coach anyone, anywhere. So find a coach training that will not just give you what you want, but is committed enough to give you what you need to be successful in making a difference in world.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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  1. Rick Salas says

    Hi Colette, Thanks for this post Colette. I’ve ran into so many people that want to coach and trying hard but It’s not that easy. It’s hard to coach without trying to pitch your business in some way or another. The good coaches that deserve what they get are trying to find solutions and building trust and presenting the confidence and knowledge that clients are looking for. Moving them from wanting to find out about their niche to making money on the internet is a long road and the coaches that allow themselves to focus on the client instead of themselves are going to be some of the most successful coaches in their niche. I see you understand how to be successful by making sure your clients are successful Thanks for the great post!

    Rick Salas

  2. Rob Wilson says

    Hi Colette, Thanks for this post. I know that for me, I’m more interested in what the coach has actually done and can do than whether or not they are certified. I’m more likely to ask about a client list and references than a certification. If the person has helped people like me, I’m more likely to believe that they can help me. Talking with the person before hiring them or signing up under them and getting a feel for what they can accomplish is important. If they’re a good fit – I can understand what they’re saying and their ideas make sense and are different than what I’ve already come up with – voila, I’m interested. Since as you say anyone can come up with a certification or an award, they’ve become mostly meaningless. However, it does show that someone can complete something – and as far as that goes, it’s a good thing. At that point, you have to take a look at the certification and the requirements for getting it, evaluating that can help you decide if you want the person. – Rob

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