Discover The Power of a Coaching Training Signature Program

First of all, what is a coaching training signature program? A coaching training signature program is the program, service, package or product that reflects your coaching business and sets you apart from others in the industry.

It is something every coach should consider, especially if you don’t have a signature program yet. It’s the next level for your business and can increase your income and influence. A coaching training signature program, product, or service, is an important move for your business.

Most people love programs they can follow. Once you have a formula of how you get results then all you need to do is record the steps you use and turn it into a program.

Having a signature program builds your reputation as a top-notch expert. Without one, you may be short changing your business.

The Basics of Creating a Coaching Training Signature Program

1. Establish The Problem

  • Consider your clients and the ones you have had the most success with. Is there a certain problem that they have in common that you have been unusually successful with in getting the desired results? That might be just the problem to build your signature program around.

2. Do Your Homework

  • Once you think you have established the problem before starting work on your coaching training signature program you should do some research and gather data to make sure it is what your potential clients want and will invest in. It’s imperative to give your clients what they want, rather than what you’d like to give them, if you want the training program to be successful.

3. Create The Solution to The Problem

  • Once you have determined the need and done the research start creating a customized, step-by-step process that facilitates the solution. Most likely you are already doing it in your coaching so analyze what it is that is getting your results.

4. Record Your Coaching Training Signature Program

  • Now all you need to do is record your formula some way. You can do this either by writing an e-book, creating video classes, CD/DVDs or any other creative way you can think of and start selling it.

5. Don’t Wait to Get Started

  • One obstacle you may come up against is the feeling of not wanting to get out your program until it is perfect. Fight against that feeling and don’t let that stop you from getting out your product(s). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for improving your products but the best way to do that is to improve as you go.

6. Bonus Point

  • If this is all too basic and you need help to figure out the nuts and bolts of how to create your own coach training signature program, there are plenty of businesses on the internet that can help you with this.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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