How Do You Become a Full-fledged Professional in Counseling?

When asking yourself “How do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling?”you may be wondering what’s the job description. After you become a professional counselor the types of clients you may give counseling to might suffer from a wide variety of conditions such as stress or even depression. Types of Professional Counselors Another thing you may be wondering when asking “How do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling?” is what are the fields can I work in? Once you … [Read more...]

Become a Life Skills Coach

Are you thinking you would like to become a life skills coach? Awesome! Check out the things you can do once you become a life skills coach. What Does it Mean to Become a Life Skills Coach? They draw out the best in people so they can make decisions that improve their lives. They help people learn not only essential and practical things on how to live a productive life, but they also help to create a sense of balance and stability in their client’s life. A life skills coach is … [Read more...]

How to Become a Wellness Coach?

So you’ve been giving friends and family free advice for years, and you’re wondering how to become a wellness coach for real? It just so happens that wellness coaching is one of the largest and fastest-growing opportunities on the planet! With preparation, planning, and perseverance, you can make a highly successful career out of helping others live their healthiest, most energized, and most actualized lives. What is a Wellness Coach? Let’s start with a brief look at what it means to be a … [Read more...]

Business Leadership Coach: What to Say When Your Clients Quit

Starting out as a business leadership coach, one of your main worries will be attracting enough clients. As an established coach, you’ll still have to worry about marketing and promotion, but you won’t have to worry about losing clients, will you? There’s no way a client would want to quit, is there? Damn straight there is. No matter how good a coach you are, clients sometimes want to quit, walk away, say adios, arrivederci, sayonara. Believe me, it will happen. But, is there something you … [Read more...]

Business Success Coaching: An Adrenal Addiction Problem

Often business success coaching is about your coach being straight with you and upfront with you that you’re an adrenal junky who’s hooked on reactive business activities that suck up your time instead of you focusing on what you lie to your coach about that you’re really committed to get done. In reality, this is a negative inner game symptom which you need to get a handle on if you ever expect to run a consistent, predictable, and growing business. This business success coaching article is … [Read more...]

What You Don’t Know About Assessment Coaching That Will Kill You

If you’re not using assessment coaching in your coaching practice, you’re setting yourself up for failure. By the time most coaches truly understand their clients, they have already made at least a dozen mistakes that could have been avoided by using assessment coach tools. Even if you aren’t losing clients because you inadvertently piss them off, you probably aren’t helping them get the results that will step out of important meetings to take your call. The Biggest Assessment Coaching … [Read more...]

Critical Coaching Tips: Coaches Need Coaching, Too

Of all my favorite coaching tips, knowing that champion coaches need coaching too, is certainly my most favorite. It is kind of like facing and accepting an eternal truth, in action. Like what’s true for the goose is true for the gander. What’s true for the client is true for the coach. Now that is a cosmic and an eternal truth! So what Does It Mean for a Coach to Follow the Directions of a Coach? First it means that that coach is a smart coach more interested in getting better and more … [Read more...]

The Truth About James Ray–Hero or Heel?

There has been a lot of buzz about James Ray in the coaching community lately—who is James Ray anyhow? As far as I can tell, he is a self-help guru and coach who built an empire off his seminars, books and DVDs. James Ray International, was awarded the Inc. 500 award in 2009, placing the company as one of the fastest growing privately held businesses in America. James Ray is famous for his sweat lodge ceremonies, which are supposed to help you get in touch with yourself--that is, until things … [Read more...]

How To Maximize Results: The Psychology Of Executive Coaching

Once you master the psychology of executive coaching, even CEO’s will drop what they’re doing because it’s time for their coaching call. Without the right psychology, executive coaching can be hazardous to your health. There are a few key principles that will help you. The 3 Keys To Survival In The Psychology of Executive Coaching 1. Understanding Behavioral Styles of Executives: The first key to the psychology of executive coaching is to know who you are playing with. Executives love to drive … [Read more...]

Should Focus be the Focus of Sports Psychology and Coaching?

involves teaching athletes to achieve greatness. Achievement on the Little League field means something different than it does on a Sunday in an NFL stadium packed with 60,000 screaming fans. However, venue and age do not matter when you are considering the most important quality for success. What is the Secret to Success in Sports Psychology and Coaching? It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to know that an athlete must have talent, but there are many who have been blessed with talent. The … [Read more...]