Seven Client Retention Strategies That Can Work For Your Coaching Business

Seven Client Retention Strategies That Can Work For Your Coaching Business

What are the best client retention strategies that work for most businesses? In this article, we are going to highlight some of them that have proven effective, and that can work for your coaching practice.   Every successful business requires clients. It is one thing to get the clients, but it is another thing to retain them. Often, we see companies mostly focused on generating leads, getting that sale, that client, but when they ultimately succeed, what happens to the client … [Read more...]

5 Client Retention Strategies That Work

Client retention is essential to your success and it is crucial to use various client retention strategies in your practice. It takes more time and costs much more money to get new clients than it does to keep the ones you have. So many coaches focus all their energy on marketing and finding new clients, but drop the ball when it comes to client retention strategies. Though you will most likely never escape the marketing and promotion treadmill for as long as you coach, investing time into … [Read more...]

Client Retention Strategies For Coaches

There are many client retention strategies that can be used to keep your client base loyal and coming back for more. Most people focus the majority of their attention on acquiring clients and building a client base, but they tend to forget about retaining the clients they already have. No, no, NO! Don‘t forget about them!. Even if you are a coaching superstar, a few of your clients may already have one foot out the door. Understanding some basic client retention strategies will help retain those … [Read more...]