5 Reasons Your Life Coaching Fee is Too Low

What type of life coaching fee do you charge? Are your life coaching fees too high...or too low? If you are like many life coaches, your coaching fees are probably too low. 3 Ways Coaches Charge For Their Services There are three main ways that coaches charge for their services. They are: By the session ($100 per hour, etc.) By the month ($500 per month for x number of sessions) By the package (3 or 6 month packages for a specified fee – usually with a discount built it) Many … [Read more...]

What Is a Fair Life Coaching Fee?

A fair life coaching fee should reflect the value of the service you provide, along with some acknowledgement of your client’s ability to pay. This balance of value-delivered with the client’s ability to pay is the hallmark of a professional. You should never underestimate your value or just how much your services are worth. So don’t lower your fees because you question your worth. On the other hand, acknowledge your client’s situation, and adjust your fee to reflect your role as a … [Read more...]

How To Find Absolute Certainty In Setting Your Life Coaching Fee

Setting a life coaching fee is one of the biggest dilemmas of a new coach. How do you know if your fees are too high? Or too low? This question is so tough that even some really good coaches fail to get on the courts and start getting paying coaching clients. How do you even begin to set your life coaching fees when you aren’t sure what the market will bear? Jumping Right In If you don’t already have 5 coaching clients per week, the first step is to find people to coach. Coach them for free if … [Read more...]